2013 General Young Women Meeting

Mar 31, 2013 by

young women broadcast 2013 lds

The General Young Women meeting was broadcast last night from the Conference Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Audio archives are already available for dozens of languages, and video archives are available for some languages.

The English video is embedded below. All available languages can be found here (or have been linked below for your convenience.)


American Sign Language (ASL)LDS Media PlayerWindows Media

Avañe’ẽ (Guarani)  Listen

Aymar Aru (Aymara)  Listen

Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)  Listen

Cebuano (Cebuano)LDS Media Player Listen

Diné bizaad (Navajo)  Listen

Eesti (Estonian)LDS Media Player

English (English)LDS Media PlayerWindows MediaListen

Español (Spanish)LDS Media PlayerWindows MediaListen

Faka-Tonga (Tongan)LDS Media Player Listen

Fosun Chuuk (Chuukese)  Listen

Français (French)LDS Media PlayerWindows MediaListen

Gagana Samoa (Samoan)LDS Media Player Listen

Hindi, Fiji (Hindi)  Listen

Hmoob (Hmong)  Listen

Hrvatski (Croatian)  Listen

Kahs Kosrae (Kosraean)  Listen

Kajin Majōl (Marshallese)  Listen

Kiswahili (Swahili)  Listen

Kreyòl Ayisyen (Haitian Creole)  Listen

Lingála (Lingala)  Listen

Mahsen en Pohnpei (Pohnpeian)  Listen

Malagasy (Malagasy)  Listen

Nederlands (Dutch)  Listen

Paluan (Palauan)  Listen

Papiamento (Papiamento)  Listen

Português (Portuguese)LDS Media PlayerWindows MediaListen

Portuguese (Portugal)  Listen

Reo Tahiti (Tahitian)  Listen

Română (Romanian)  Listen

Slovenčina (Slovak)  Listen

Slovenščina (Slovenian)  Listen

Tagalog (Tagalog)LDS Media Player Listen

Thin Nu Wa’ab (Yapese)  Listen

Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)  Listen

Vosa vakaviti (Fijian)  Listen

Български (Bulgarian)  Listen

Монгол (Mongolian)  Listen

Русский (Russian)LDS Media Player Listen

Српски (Serbian)  Listen

Українська (Ukrainian)LDS Media Player Listen

Հայերեն (Armenian)LDS Media Player Listen

العربية (Arabic)  Listen

አማርኛ (Amharic)  Listen

தமிழ் (Tamil)  Listen

සිංහල (Sinhala)  Listen

ภาษาไทย (Thai)  Listen

ພາສາລາວ (Laotian)  Listen

ភាសាខ្មែរ (Cambodian)  Listen

한국어 (Korean)LDS Media Player Listen

國語 (Mandarin)LDS Media Player Listen

廣東話 (Cantonese)LDS Media Player Listen

日本語 (Japanese)LDS Media Player Listen

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