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Mormon Doctrine of the Eternal Family | Mormon Women - About LDS Life and Belief

Mormon Doctrine of the Eternal Family

Apr 17, 2013 by

Family first is a Mormon teaching - families can be eternal

A key doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that families can be together forever through priesthood covenants and ordinances. When we invite people to come to Christ through baptism, we are also inviting them to begin the work of connecting their family through family history and temple work.

In the second video below, President Henry B. Eyring talks about how the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ included the fulfillment of the prophecy recorded in Malachi about the hearts of the children turning to their fathers and the fathers to the children.

Expanded resources at Family Search are available to help people do family history work, including the new Family Tree program. You can also now share photos and stories as part of creating your Family Tree. This service is available to anyone — you don’t have to be a Mormon to take advantage of the millions of free records and the resources that can help you create your own family history.

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