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  1. Maddie

    Do Mormons believe that God never changes? If so, I have a question: For a long time Mormons encouraged if not required polygamy. Why have you changed and now say that practice is not permissible? If God doesn’t change His mind, would you say that your early leaders were wrong? If so, couldn’t they have been wrong about many other things?

  2. Maddie, thanks for your question. It’s one I think many people have, so I’ve addressed it in a full post. :)

  3. Cate, thanks for this question. It IS a beautiful idea. I am going to compile a few quotes for you. I’ll get back to you soon.

  4. Trina

    How should a LDS women act? Public and in private? I’m a new convert and don’t exactly know everything.

  5. Trina,
    Congratulations on your baptism! I’m not sure how to answer your question. Do you have some specific concerns? I would just encourage you to do your best and listen for the guidance of the Spirit. If you do have specific questions, I would encourage you to talk to your Relief Society President and/or visiting teachers if they have been assigned to you. (If not ask that you can have some!)

    I’ve never experienced being an adult convert, but I imagine the transition has its challenges–as any life transition would. Help those who minister to you know how they can support you. Help them know of your questions and concerns.

    Really, I just hope you can feel like you can come be yourself a and feel loved and welcomed in your ward or branch.

  6. Daddy

    My son has a friend that is a Mormon he met at school….he is now best friends with him and wants to invite him over for a sleepover….what are the rules as far as being social with other family’s outside of their religion?

  7. Hi Daddy,

    Thanks for wanting to be sensitive to your son’s friend. In answer to your question, there are no “rules” per se for being social re: having friends outside of our faith — except that we should not use our faith as a dividing line for friendships! For example, one of our apostles said this: ” I have heard about narrow-minded parents who tell children that they cannot play with a particular child in the neighborhood simply because his or her family does not belong to our Church. This kind of behavior is not in keeping with the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. ” (Elder M. Russell Ballard)

    Youth *are* encouraged to build friendships with those who have similar values and standards, so they can build each other up and strengthen each other in their desires to live according to their values.

    You mention the possibility of a sleepover. As an FYI, many Mormon families don’t do sleepovers. This is not an official rule per se, but has been mentioned a couple of times as counsel, and even before then, I knew of many families who had already made such a decision. I mention this so you can be prepared for that possibility. But please don’t misinterpret that as being a “you are not Mormon and that is why we don’t want to do a sleepover with you.” Those who don’t do sleepovers usually don’t do them with any friends, Mormon or not.

    For what it’s worth, in our house, our kids do “lateovers” — enjoying fun time until later into the evening than a usual get-together, but without the sleeping over. Perhaps you could consider something like that as an option if this family doesn’t do sleepovers.

  8. hannah

    hi I recently married a mormon. I been to church a few times, but i’m shy to go to studies afterwards. i’m different from the women and want to learn condiments in myself to try being a mormon. I come from catholic background but growing up was not very religious how can I fell comfort.

  9. Darrin Ivie

    Do the women of the church honestly feel lessor than their husbands? My wife and I work daily with relationships. What won’t seem to work is if one gives up or take emotional time….to me a very dangerous position. So I work hard at finding specifics/basics

  10. Darrin,
    You are right that it takes time and commitment to build a partnership in a marriage. The doctrine is clear that husband and wife are equals before God and expected to work as equal partners in their homes.

  11. To Darren Ivie;
    My husband is a convert to the church. We communicate and see each other as equals. We have great communication and treat each other, as we would want to be treated ourselves. I never have felt lessor than my husband. We come together as one as spouses should unite together in goodness and in keeping gods commandments. He is head of our household, but we come together when making important decesions for our family, and for us as a couple.

  12. Sally

    You need to have a statement on this website that clarifies that this site is not officiially affiliated or maintained by the church.

  13. Sally,
    That is an important point, and we do mention it in several ways. E.g.

  14. Cathy

    My husband of 18 years started following ex Mormon groups on the net and has now left the church. I am in desperate need of finding others to talk to that will understand what we are going through. All I can find are people who left the church with their unbelieving spouse, or advise leaving the spouse to stay in the church. I am navigating the extremely rocky road of wanting to keep both marriage and faith strong. This is the first truly positive site I have found. Can anyone out there tell me if such support exists? My sweet bishop and stake president don’t know if anyone else going through this. I think there are so many more out there like me that are suffering in silence.

  15. Cathy, I sent you an email a while back, but perhaps you didn’t get it. You are not alone in this. Email me at mormonwoman at gmail and I can make some suggestions of places you might be able to connect with some women who are in marriages where different faith/belief systems are present.

  16. J

    I would love to talk to Cathy as I am going through the exact same thing with my husband only we have been married for 30 years! Is there a way that we can share e-mail addresses privately?

  17. J, you are definitely not alone. If you want me to send your email to Cathy I can.

    You can also email me and I can suggest a couple of places you might be able to connect with other women.

  18. p.s. Cathy and J…here’s a post we did on a topic that is along the lines of what you have each written about. It has some thoughts from various women.

  19. New to pinterest, how can I be added to the line up of Mormon Mom Blogger? Thanks so much in advance!

  20. Camill,

    I think the best way to connect with other Mormon mommy blogs is to connect with the website/group Mormon Mommy Blogs. You can follow them at and then send an email to

    Best of luck to you with your new blog!

  21. Kristyn

    **I’m sorry if I’m using incorrect terminology – I’m new to this**

    I was researching the beliefs of the LDS church and came across an ex Mormon woman who claimed she and her husband left the faith because it was impossible for Mormon men to respect women. She claimed the faith teaches the men that they can only have one wife on this Earth, but depending on how well they behave in this life, they are granted several wives in their kingdom afterwards (making their earthly wife a stepping stone to more power and essentially meaningless).

    This is so discouraging to me! I have always admired the strength and love that I witness in Mormon marriages and have so much respect for the way Mormon men view their wives as equals – seeing the true value of Motherhood.

    Please tell me this woman is incorrect and husbands are taught to cherish their wives!

  22. Kristyn,

    Thank you for taking the time to ask this very important question. Although you may have individual circumstances where a husband will mistreat his wife, our Church’s teachings are VERY clear about how important it is for men to cherish their wives as equal partners. Motherhood is also such a critical part of our teachings.

    I am glad to hear that you have witnessed this respect in Mormon marriages. Trust your instincts on this one.

    I’ve asked some LDS women to share favorite talks or articles on this subject so you can read more about these teachings if you want to. You might consider looking up “equal partners” on

  23. herine Michael

    I’m a new member in this church and I don’t know about thing in church. Right now I have a calling and I not familiar wot it. God has been chooen me to be a first distrist preidency. Can you heip me?

  24. annette

    Dear friend in Christ,
    ” The Woman at the Well” is one of my favourite Bible stories. I just came across the video posted on Feb 26, 2012 on mormonwoman. Could you please tell me what video/movie this is taken from?
    Thank you very much!

  25. annette,
    This video is part of a Bible video series produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You can find all of the Bible videos here:

    Each video is created around an event in the Savior’s life as recorded in the New Testament about the Savior.

    You might also be interested to read a little about the unique and dedicated set built for the making of these videos.


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