Dec 30, 2013 by

Yes, I know Christmas is over, but my tree is still up and there are still piles of wrapping paper in my living room and a few more...

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Reflections on Gratitude

Nov 21, 2012 by

As we move into the holiday season, the topic of gratitude often comes up. has a beautiful web page on the topic of...

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Joy and Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2011 by

This beautiful thought comes from Jocelyn at We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ. (Read the whole post here.) As I look around me...

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What are you grateful for?

Dec 12, 2010 by

~by Marsha What are you grateful for? I’m grateful my missionary is serving the Lord. I’m grateful that my children are...

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What are you thankful for?

Nov 25, 2010 by

If someone were to stop you on the street and ask you what you are grateful for, what would you...

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