Enjoying General Conference Again (or for the first time)

Apr 17, 2010 by

The wonders of technology make it so easy to be able to enjoy the messages of the April 2010 LDS General Conference again. If you are curious about Mormon beliefs, General Conference can give you a glimpse of our beliefs as you read or listen to the words of our leaders.

See the following official Church links and feeds:

General Conference Highlights — Audio (English)

General Conference Highlights Video (another version here)

General Conference Audio and Video archives (audio is included in dozens of languages)

General Conference Audio and Video archives at the new General Conference Beta page

General Conference talks via YouTube at the Mormon Messages channel

Text from all the General Conference talks as well as from the Young Women General Meeting

Podcast Feeds:

MP3 Audio Podcast of General Conference: http://feeds.lds.org/LDSGCComplete_eng

MP4 Video Podcast of General Conference: http://feeds.lds.org/LDSGCComplete_eng_MP4

ASL Video Podcast: http://feeds.lds.org/LDSGCComplete_ase_mp4

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If you want to have some fun with reviewing the talks, check out this post, which has Wordles from 21 talks from General Conference. If you have listened to the talks — or even if you haven’t — you can try to figure out each puzzle. Have some fun with your family or friends doing it.

It’s also interesting to see the prominent themes that came through in each talk, and throughout the Conference as well. (See an overview Wordle at our previous post: April 2010 General Conference Themes at a Glance…)


  1. What a great highlights video – it makes me more eager to get my Ensign in May. I look forward to studying the talks and learning more what I need to do to be a better mother. Thanks for all the links!

  2. Heather L

    Thanks so much for the link to the Conference Wordles! We’ll use that for a Family Home Evening challenge, for sure!

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