Things that Invite the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) into My Life

May 25, 2010 by

~by Katy

With our daughter, our lil’ Hannah, now a full-fledged member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, I’ve been trying to help her find ways to develop her spirit…mainly her connection with the Holy Ghost. I want her to learn how to feel His influence…in her own way.

We’ve talked about how she could feel warm fuzzies inside. Or she could feel a sense of peace. Or she could feel really happy after she has made a good choice. I also want her to recognize what the Spirit feels like when something is not right. Like when her classmates at school are not making a good decision and she feels awful inside because she knows that it is wrong. Or if she feels uncomfortable around somebody for no apparent reason, it may be the Spirit telling her to get away from that person immediately.

I hope that what I’m saying is sticking…only time will tell I guess. As a parent, I feel it’s important for me to give my children every chance possible to feel the Spirit…so they can come closer to Christ.

Here are some ways I’ve found to be really great in achieving this:

*Going to church regularly. Being in the Lord’s House is a great way to feel the Spirit. I can’t help but feel Him when you hear uplifting testimonies being shared, listen to lessons being taught about the gospel, and singing hymn of praise.

*Having daily family scripture study and prayer. More importantly, having them read the scriptures and say the prayers in those situations. They need every opportunity possible to feel the Spirit…and I’m not talking about putting them in dangerous situations…I’m talking about the exact opposite. By reading the scriptures, they’ll learn about their Savior and His love for them. And with prayer, they can come to know that what they are reading is true. The Holy Ghost is crucial to both.

*Doing service for those who need it. When I try to help those around me, I am trying to do as the Savior would do. That is a great way to invite the Spirit into my heart.

*Listening to uplifting music. Music can have a huge effect on my spirit. That’s why sometimes I get those tingling goose bumps on my arms when I hear something awe-inspiring. The exact opposite can occur when I hear music that is offensive and horrible. I can feel sick or gross inside. The Spirit can tell me that this particular music or words are not good for my soul.

*Creating something beautiful like artwork or gardening or creative writing. When I try to use the gifts that I have been blessed with, I feel it’s a way to invite the Holy Ghost into my life. I believe our faith and testimonies can be shown through our talents and that is a great way to keep the Spirit with us.

*Hiking, star gazing, or other outdoor activities around nature. Looking at all that God has created for us, this world and it’s beauties, using our bodies in exercise and other uplifting activities, all help me feel the Holy Ghost.

*And many, many more!

What are some ways you help your children and family learn to strengthen their spirits and feel the presence of God’s Spirit?


  1. What cute baptism pictures! We’ve found that around here, just trying to have outside distractions minimized (by turning off tvs, computers, etc.) helps us feel the Spirit more. When things get really crazy I usually find myself thinking “shhh…be still”.

  2. Heather L.

    Thank you so much for sharing your list — I have been pondering this lately, too, and your ideas are an answer to prayer!
    A few years ago I started a journal for all the tender mercies I saw in our children’s lives. It was truly amazing to see how often Heavenly Father sent miracles/answers to prayer!
    Perhaps helping them keep a journal of the times they felt the Spirit would serve the same purpose — to be there when times get hard as a reminder of God’s love and help in the past, so they can have faith in the future.

  3. Janelle

    Right now, I am cleaning my house in anticipation of the peace I will feel when I am done.

    Sometimes I am unable to feel the promptings and teachings of the Holy Ghost in clutter. I’m hoping that my efforts this morning will yield peaceful results this afternoon. My personal scripture study is always more fruitful in a clean home.

  4. Janelle

    OH! and…. I also feel the spirit when I’m preparing a lesson or talk. As I seek guidance in how best to teach I can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost guiding me to the personal stories and scriptures that best illustrate the principle I’m trying to teach.

    But I nearly always feel the Holy Ghost when I teach. Teaching Sunday School to 13/14 year olds truly is the brightest part of my week. I leave my classroom beaming!

  5. Donald

    I felt the Holy Ghost the strongest and most powerful experiences as I was serving my mission. In addition the most powerful and strongest experience I had occurred on the last day of my mission. I had finished the two years and had made my last contact of the day put my bags in the car and was going home. As I was in the transfer house in the evening in the midst of celebrating elders (though I was quiet and notart of them), I felt burning sweet peaceful sensations which were intense and getting more intense and so intense that my body got weak and layed on the bed. I later on regained my strength,but during sleep time, I felt a small residual portion of it.

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