A day in the life of a Mormon: Our afternoon routine

Sep 10, 2010 by

Every afternoon before we pick up Hannah from school, I say a prayer that our car will make it there and back home safely. Recently, I’ve asked Josie to say the prayer. And she has without question.

Last week, we were running late, so before I started the car, I quickly said a silent prayer and then we were off.  On the way to the school, Josie got very upset that I didn’t say a prayer, and I told her I did but that it was “in my heart”.  To my relief and amazement all at the same time, she understood what a silent prayer was and that was that.

Well, the next day, wouldn’t you know it, we were running late again.  Josie knew I was in a hurry and as soon as she and I buckled ourselves, she asked me if she could say the prayer “in her heart” for us.  I smiled and readily agreed.  So I sat there and watched her in the rear view mirror.  She bowed her head, closed her eyes, and smiled.  A few seconds later, she looked up, unfolded her arms and said, “Okay.  We can go now.”

I love that girl.


  1. Heather L.

    It’s amazing how much power those heartfelt prayers can provide!

  2. When we’re running late, I have the kids pray while we’re driving….of course I don’t close my eyes…(That’s the joke we always say when this happens! hahah)

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