Why would a woman choose Mormonism?

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We regularly scan the questions people have typed into their search engines when they find Mormon Women: Who We Are. “Why would a woman choose Mormonism?” has been at the top of the list of questions asked this month.

We would like to open up this question to our LDS readers. What say ye, Mormon women? Why do you choose to be Mormon?

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  1. Karen Douanglee

    I became a Mormon woman because after learning about the Book of Mormon, reading it and praying to the Heavenly Father about receiving the knowledge if it was the true religion. I started reading the scriptures and received my answers.

  2. Kamden Hainsworth

    I choose to be Mormon because I know it’s right and there is nothing in the universe that brings me more peace than being a female member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Since the beginning of the church I feel like it has been the women of the church that have kept families together, have had courage to stand up for what is right and have used their faith in Jesus Christ to bring about miracles in the lives of those near and far. They have left a legacy of strength both spiritual and physical that I try hard to now continue. The prophets have always given credit to the women of their lives as influential and nurturing. I have always looked forward to talks about women in the church because I know we are loved, defended and reverenced in a way different from men. The prophets and leaders of the church speak strongly against anything ever done to hurt, belittle or deny a woman. They speak openly about the danger and harm pornography causes in a world that sees it as a past time and nothing wrong. I grew up as a teenager learning to treat myself with respect, wearing clothes and using language that would compliment the spirit of the woman that I am, not degrade me or make me look less than who I really am. I believe in a Heavenly Mother who raised our spirits before we had bodies, she with Heavenly Father helped us learn what we needed to learn before we entered mortality. I am sure that she was an example like no other, a woman of strength beyond anything I’ve seen here in mortality, I am grateful that her existence is so holy and sacred, how scaring it would be to hear her name slandered and taken in vain so frequently as my Heavenly Father’s often is. I am a mormon women because I know my great individual worth, I know who created me and where I am headed. I am joyed to testify of Jesus Christ and his eternal atonement, and feel empowered by His Holy Spirit that directs my life daily.

  3. liz Bear

    If we are talking conversion rather than being born into an LDS family, I would say that emphasis on family, morality and not being pressured into pre marital sex would be one reason. Also if you fall in love with an LDS man, then you might want to convert to be closer to him in your religious practise.

  4. That’s a funny question for me to answer because my first thought is because it’s true! Really, though, I feel so much more free as member of the church. I know my self-worth, I know that my efforts to raise my children are honorable, that it’s okay to make my home a heaven on earth. I have a greater self-esteem as a member than I ever did before. I respect myself and my body and thereby have the confidence in myself that before eluded me by self-degradating behaviors. I’m strong in my sense of belonging and am no longer threatened by people who are different or challenge my beliefs or choices. I feel peace by following the counsel of our Prophet and other leaders, strength through fasting and prayer, and love through the direction given to me through the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I know that I’m not alone, and that’s important today in this chaotic world. I’m grateful that I was blessed to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

  5. Nancy Fuller

    I was born and raised a Mormon, and I choose to stay that way- why?

    I have learned through the restored gospel, that I can have a personal relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. I can pray to Him and He will answer me. I don’t need a priest, pastor or other leader to pray for me. Personal revelation is encouraged and sought after inside the church. I know that Jesus Christ lives, I know that because He has answered my prayers in very real and personal ways many, many times.

    The gospel teaches me that women should be honored and treasured. Inside the church we honor Eve for making the choice to eat the fruit. Because of her choice we all have the opportunity to come to get a body and grow and progress.

    Women are honored in the church and are co-equals with their husbands. The church teaches that a man can not be exalted without a woman by his side, and neither can a woman be exalted without a man. The family proclamation published by the church in 1995 states, “In those sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners.”

    We believe that family is the basic unit of society, and as the family goes so will society.

    Women have never been down trodden in the church. In the early days of the church, women tamed the land, they became doctors they ran for public office long before the women suffrage movement. Today women are called upon to defend the family.

    It will yet be shown as the values of society continue to be lowered that the women of the LDS faith will rise up and be defenders of everything good. It is the women that for the most part, hold our families together, women that see that the family is holding family prayer and scripture study.

    I am proud to tell the world that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Momon. I know who I am, I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me. I know and understand God’s plan. I know why I am on this earth. I know my purpose for being here.

    I am at peace inside this troubled world.

  6. I was baptized when I was 35. I took refuge in the Mormon Church, and now I offer refuge from the examples of the of the world. There are no bad people, only bad behavior. I seek to “Never chasten beyound the balm I have within me to heal up”.
    Mormon women seek to judge behaviors, and not people. We have been there, and seen the hurt and anger bad behavior causes.

  7. Suzanne Mackley

    I was not born and raised in the church like Nancy Fuller, but would like to say “Amen” to what she said. Those are the reasons I am very happy to call myself a “Mormon” woman, a daughter of Heavenly parents, and a wife of a man who truly honors his priesthood and me.

  8. My answer to this question is from John6:67-69:
    “Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away? Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life. And we believe and are sure that thous art that Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

    I am Mormon because no where else can I find the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only as a Mormon can receive all I need to have the best possible relationship with Christ and return to my Heavenly Father in joy.

  9. Janelle

    I choose to be a Mormon Woman because the doctrines of this church resonate with my soul as truth. I believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, that Prophets are called of God to testify of Him, that families can be together forever and that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has given me so much peace and happiness.

    I also enjoy the lifestyle of the church. Living a clean, virtuous life, with a focus on discipleship to the teachings of Jesus Christ is a good way to raise a family.

  10. Summer Wilda

    I choose to be mormon everyday. The doctrines of the LDS faith touch my soul and resonate the inner chambers with truth. The knowledge of this truth brings great peace and joy in my daily life.

    I know who I am, what my purpose is here on this earth, and where I am going. If I am ever confused or having a hard time, I can turn to church doctrine, magazines, the scriptures, and my Heavenly Father, to help me find much needed peace and purpose. I also know that therein I will be able to find answers to my questions as well as the positive encouragement I need to keep moving forward.

    Because of following and living the teachings Christ, I actually have greater freedom than the ‘world’ would like to think. I am not scarred physically or emotionally by living a life of promiscuity. My life is not riddled with addiction to drugs, pornography, or other things that keep me from being able to live exactly how I CHOOSE to live every day. I choose to live virtuously, looking after the needs of my family and others the best that I can. I know that because of how I choose to live, I have greater security in my marriage and my home is a safe haven to our family, friends, and those who are invited to enter.

    And when my best is not good enough (as is often the case!), I know that Christ will make up for my inadequacies because I can turn it over to Him knowing I have put forth my greatest effort. This is the only way that I have personally found or seen others possess true joy.

  11. Kathleen

    Why do you choose to be Mormon?
    Because when I was 11 Heavenly Father answered my prayers to know the true church, I have found my questions answered on many church topics, I have a testimony that the church is true. I love the members and I’m proud to serve the Lord.

  12. Mollee Suafo'a

    I was born into the church, but fell away as a teenager. Many things and depressing circumstances went into my falling away. During that time I came to know a darkness that was fueled by evil. I got pregnant as a teen which was the first eye opener. When you’re pregnant you start thinking about what you will teach your children. You start questioning how you will possibly help them grow up in a “normal” environment. Or at least one that won’t be damaging to them in any way. When I had these thoughts even after all I’d been through there was no other answer. I had done so much wrong but underneath the tough bad girl image I portrayed I knew what was right. Even if you question the specific beliefs there is no doubt that the values taught and the environment for our youth is far better to live by and follow then just hoping for the best and sending them out to find the wrong crowd and the wrong activities. Where I once was so deep in darkness I was suicidal, I now have a love for myself that I never knew before. I have a great respect for others. I’m not free of sin, or free of mistakes that I’ve made and will make in the future. I have three kids and two failed marriages, and I’m not even 25, but I have a guide to follow. I’ll never be alone even if I made the same stupid mistakes I have before. That won’t happen because I won’t allow myself, because I respect my body more than ever before. Heavenly Father has shown me how I’ve let people use me, and how I never win in the end when I allow that. He has also shown me no matter how low I become there is always a hand stretched forth to pull me to the top. I just have to reach toward it and not let doubt or stumbles over rocky terrain on my way let me fall again. I’m a daughter of a Heavenly King, a princess in His kingdom. I teach my three daughters that they are also daughters of a king. We are all princesses and princes and must learn to act like we are by following our brother Jesus Christ whom our Father the king has entrusted to instruct us. I have a testimony that surpasses temptations of the body, a mind that knows right from wrong, a guide to hold my hand on my journey, and a promise that when I fall I can get help back up. I love the sisters of the church. They have saved me several times. Women need the solace of other women. It is almost something that differentiates a teenager from a woman. In school you remember girls are raunchy and hard to get along with, but you know you’ve turned into a woman when you realize we are sisters in need of eachothers anchor, sometimes a shoulder to cry on, always inspiration and courage to move forward. Everything good I’ve ever felt has been from the church and my Heavenly Father. That is why I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and love it.

  13. Shianne

    I was raised as a Latter Day Saint. Though I have strayed the past few years, I am trying to become a morman agian. I miss the feeling of being safe. Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ make me feel safe from Satan and the things Satan controls. I feel peace while reading the scriptures and praying to God. I feel closer to him. And I hope one day I will be with him and Christ again.

  14. Sue

    I was raised in a Mormon family, but I was mostly inactive during my college years. At that time, I made a conscious decision to test things out on my own (without the influence of parents) and find out what I really believed. I never rebelled against the teachings of my youth; I just put them on hold and experimented with different ways of living.

    I returned to the Church when I had children because that is when I was able to look beyond myself and see with a mature and more eternal perspective. I knew that my core self was centered in the gospel of Christ and always had been, and I wanted to be sure that my children had that same anchor in their lives. I had always known to Whom I could turn for help, even when I wasn’t actively involved in the practice of Mormonism.

    Being a Mormon woman today brings me joy, hope, and peace. It has helped me create and maintain a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. Through the Holy Ghost, His gift to us, I have learned to seek and find answers to whatever problems or questions I might have.

    I love the lifestyle, the sense of community, and the stress on family and family life. I love the songs and the traditions and the rich history. I love it all.

    And that’s why I’m a Mormon woman. Because it works for me!


  15. Bettina Jensen

    I was taught the gospel more than 20 years ago, by two lovely sister missionaries. They taught me about Jesus Christ, Our Heavenly Father and the Plan of Salvation, and how families can be together forever. I remember watching the movie “Together for ever” and I realized that I wanted to be in a Church, that believes that we have the opportunity to be with our loved ones, not only on Earth but also in the after life.

    Being a member of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” (LDS), has brought a lot of good things to my life. It has brought me happiness, the opportunity to learn more about “My Heavenly Fathers Plan”. I feel more free as a woman being a part of the church, than I did before I became a member.

    When I was taught the discussions by the missionaries I was often asked if it wasn’t hard keeping the commandments, I answered, that it depended on who you are. To me it wasn’t hard to keep the commandments, I loved, and I still do, My Heavenly Father. The hard part for me was if I did wrong, and I had to ask his forgiveness.

    But even then I knew, that I knew, what to do when I felt I failed My Heavenly Father, I knew I had to turn to him again to make me feel better. And He never failed me! I did and still do feel better when I turn to My Heavenly Father for help. And I know he will help me, I just need to ask Him and allow him to be a part of my life.

    I feel that since I became a member my life has been blessed beyond imagination. I have felt things that will be hard to overcome if I wasn’t a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I feel that My Heavenly Father makes things a lot easier for me to overcome being a part of His church on Earth.

    If want you to challenge yourself, if you are not a member, try to get in touch either with the church in your area, some of your neighbors if you know they are, or get in touch with the missionaries talk to them. And the when you feel ready to do so, pray to your Heavenly Father, ask him if what I have been telling you is true. Find out for yourself, and if you are sincere, he will provide the answer for you, and you will know in your heart it is true….

    That is WHY I am a Mormon woman, I know my Heavenly Father doesn’t want anything but the best for me… And being a Mormon woman I feel that I am the luckiest woman that ever walked on this Earth!!

  16. I am glad to be a Mormon woman, and besides the obvious answer (because I prayed about it, and I know the gospel is true), primarily because of the focus and understand we have of womanhood. What other religion teaches that Eve’s choice was not only necessary, but thought through and rejoices because of our first mother’s choice to help us into a necessary mortality. Instead of pushing woman aside and deliberately shunning scripture (or hiding it) that discusses womanhood and the divinity of the partnership between man and woman, our religion rejoices in the sameness and differences and wants to help us cultivate a healthy attitude towards ourselves, our spouses, our daughters, our sons, and our Creator. We know that we are not, not in spite of being women, but because of our divine nature AS women. We know that our sex in this life is not a mistake or a punishment, but a culminating jewel to our Heavenly Father…. that we were female in spirit before life, and will be after our bodies moulder in the ground. And we are honored.

    There are, of course, men in every religion who are still in need of further understanding of how to treat their women, but never have I found in any other place counsel from the leadership of an organization that over and over explains how to kindly treat, to nurture, to develop and allow to develop the talents of, and to rejoice in our womanhood and sisterhood. Anyone who does not see that in the Relief Society and Young Women’s organization either has not researched or searched out our doctrines, or has a mistaken belief from a falsehood someone else has taught them about us, not from our doctrine specifically. If you want to know why a Mormon woman chooses to believe as she does, ask her– you would be happily surprised! Much love-HB

  17. Heidi

    I was born and raised a Mormon. As a result, I was privileged to be taught the truth and feel the spirit testify of its truthfulness from a very young age. I love being a Mormon woman b/c most of all, it gives me freedom. I am free to live a life unburdened by fatherless children, sexually transmitted diseases, addictions to alcohol, cigerettes, drugs, pornography or many of the other things that enslave both men and women and which make it difficult or impossible to have the deep and abiding love, friendship, romance and passion my husband and I share. There are never any surprises down the road as to what he believes about something. We were “on the same page” when we got married so there is none of this finding out some years later that your husband doesn’t want children, or that he doesn’t want to make regular worship a part of your lives or that his priorities with regards to money and other resources are opposite from yours. When both husband and wife have their eye single to the Glory of God, what seems hard is made easier, what looks impossible is made do-able. I am free to do whatever I desire, to be whomever I am meant to be and I am blessed with the tools to make it happen. Mostly, when I have done all that is needed, I will be free to enjoy the blessings of immortality, eternal life, and in fact, all that God has.

  18. Cindy Newton

    I am a Mormon Female and I am proud of my heritage I choose to be one because of my beliefs for one I have read the book of Mormon and it is a true book and then I am choosing to be married for time and all eternity with my husband and be sealed together that is our beliefs you are in service to others Every night before we go to bed we kneel together and have family prayer. We also read from the scriptures as a family. I believe that one of the responsibilities I have as a mother is to make our home a place where our children can feel that they have some spiritual guidance and support. On Monday evenings each week we have Family Home Evening. During this hour or so, we play games, have a short spiritual lesson, make treats, and sing songs together. My Husband and I are best friends. My own parents and her parents were great examples to us. We feel that we are good examples to our grown children and their spouses. We try to live what we believe so our sincere faith can be seen by our family members. We hope they will foster as much love for our Father and the Savior as we have and that we will never be a reason for them to avoid finding their path to eternal life with their families

  19. I have chosen to remain a Mormon woman (I was born to Mormons and baptized at age 8) because I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. It has been an anchor for my soul throughout my life. Although I know that following all the teachings of Mormonism to the best of my ability will not exclude me from trials and heartache (I actually suffer from Depression), I have seen such blessings in my life! Because I have followed the laws of chastity and health, I have never had to worry about STD’s or alcoholism. Because I have followed the instructions to attend church, pray, read my scriptures, serve others, attend the Temple, fast, pay tithing, I have been able to stand strong in the face of adversity. When life gets tough, I know where to turn! Because I have chosen to marry my husband in the Temple, I know I will have him and my children sealed to me for eternity. All of these things bring me such peace and joy –true happiness! Even in the face of tragedy (death, sickness, depression, miscarriage, etc.), I have always had the Holy Ghost (which I received at the time when I was baptized) to bring me comfort. I love being a Mormon woman! And to be completely honest –sometimes I cry (weep, really) in gratitude for these blessings. How did I get so lucky?

  20. I choose to be a mormon woman because I know that there is no other way to raise my child in truth and righteousness. When you are a mormon woman you live your beliefs, and are an example to your children. You don’t just say, you do. Also, I know that we are so blessed to be led by a living prophet,. Thomas S. Monson who helps guide us in these latter days. What could be more comforting than that. I love being a mormon woman.

  21. I was born into the church. I am aware of those of my ancestors who sacrificed so much for the church. I had to gain my own testimony, and have through my experiences and through reading the Book of Mormon. I believe it is an inspired book of scripture that explains much of what was taken out of the Bible through the generations. I know Joseph Smith restored the Gospel and that we have a present day prophet to lead and guide us in these difficult latter days. I have raised my children in the church, and they all have become productive honorable citizens who strive to live the commandments. I do not worry so much about my grandchildren, because I know how they are being raised in families that have good morals, pray daily, read scriptures and do not get involved in drugs and those things that can thwart growth and keep away the spirit. I am grateful for the Priesthood that is on earth and know it is the power of God invested in the worthy males so they can bless our lives and the lives of others. I am glad to have the knowledge of life after death and the eternal nature of families when they are bound together on earth in the Holy Temples. It would be difficult to carry on day to day without that knowledge. I have received many blessings through the gospel.

  22. I choose to be Mormon because when I was investigating the Church, the members didn’t just teach me how to worship God. They taught me how I could hear Him for myself, and I do hear Him. I feel His love and hear His counsel in the wisdom that so often goes beyond my own, and yet it’s with me all the time in the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

    In short, I’m Mormon because when I’m a Mormon, it doesn’t just make me better than I am. We have Christ’s restored gospel, which makes us miracles in His hands. No one and nothing else can do what this Church has been ordained and established to do.

  23. Susanna

    You know, I really don’t like the word “Mormon” or “Mormonism” because the real Mormon was a prophet in ancient days. This church is The Church of Jesus Christ. (of latter day saints). I chose to be a Christian and belong to His church because of two reasons.

    I had always liked the Holy Bible, particularly the New Testament and when I read the Book of Mormon, I could see the same doctrine being taught there as was in The Bible.

    Secondly, the Lord said that “by their fruits, ye shall know them” I had never seen such a large group of people be so consistent in trying to follow Jesus Christ. Sure, there are those who are not perfect, but overall, these Christians live what they believe. I respect that and want to be a part of it.

  24. mormonwomen

    We have a couple more comments on this topic:

    Lorine says:

    Why do I choose to be a Mormon woman?

    I have thought about this for some time, trying to find the right words. I was born & raised a Mormon. But it isn’t the whole reason I am a Mormon woman. Being a Mormon woman has given me fulfillment in my life. I am the wife to a active Priesthood holder who treats me as an equal partner on our marriage. I am the mother of 4 daughters & 4 sons. Being a Mormon woman has given me tools to teach & raise these daughters & sons to be fine responsible women & men. Even when we have had problems with some of these children, being a Mormon woman has given me an understanding & a hope to deal better with these problems. Being a Mormon woman has given me opportunities to develop abilities & talents I never would have guessed I had. By fulfilling Church callings I have learns to give talks, teach classes, lead music, write programs, lead organizations, work with other people to make wonderful things happen. I am not downtrodden or suppressed by being a Mormon woman. I am a partner with my husband & my Heavenly Father to bring these 8 children into this world & to raise them. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me as an individual. He knows what I am capable to doing & being. He wants the best for me and helps me to be able to acquire the best. That doesn’t necessarily mean the best of world possessions but the very best in the world to come. I love being able to serve my Savior & my Heavenly Father by serving his sons & daughters here. I find great peace & comfort in the path I am on. I wish that all the women of the world could know & feel the comfort & peace & confidence that come from knowing that their Heavenly Father knows them & loves them.

    Beverly writes:

    Why do I choose to be a Mormon woman?
    I joined the Church aged 17 because I knew it was the true church of Jesus Christ. I feel empowered as a Mormon woman. Empowered to be who I really am, to achieve my potential in family, education, employment, service, the arts. There is so much of beauty and joy in this life, that Heavenly Father wants us to experience.
    I love the sisterhood I share with other Mormon women. To support one another in our greatest joys and deepest sorrows.

  25. BJ

    I choose to be mormon because I cannot deny that spirit within me, that gut feeling, that conscience, which tells me this is true. I know this is the path I must take, and it makes me so happy. I did grow up in the church, but have had to choose to embrace it into my life. I know God lives and guides each of us. especially if we will turn to him, His arm is continually extended, we must reach out and take hold.

  26. BJ, thank you for sharing your thoughts about why you choose to be and are grateful to be a Mormon woman!

  27. Shana

    I am a woman of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saiints because, among other reasons which have been stated here before, I have a clear understanding of who I am, and how beautiful it is to be a woman. I grew up a tomboy, thinking that I had to be a man in order to succeed. Later I learned that women are very powerful and have great potential. My husband never belittles me. In fact, in the church I feel that women are highly regarded and protected. Our men are taught to respect us and our role as a woman in this life. Why wouldn’t a woman want to be a Mormon?

  28. Shianne – You are so sweet.. Mormon women cheer you on as do the Heavens.
    Chin up and keep on for one does not fail when one continues to work and move forward.

  29. I love this church – because from the time the missionaries knocked on our door I was 15yrs old ) – from the time Joseph Smith was taught of the gospel – Women have been encouraged to be educated – Educated in the gospel and in the world. (Education is the only way to succeed in this world not talking about financial gain necessarily) and education is not necessarily only from a University. The thing is to constantly want to learn. Learning ignites the brain and the spirit. We are encouraged to pray and find out for ourselves because we all know that we cannot live on borrowed testimonies or knowledge. Knowledge gives confidence, inner strength and helps us find truth and understanding. Through learning I have come to understand Gods plan for me – I know that when life throws curve balls and lets face it… we all have rough times in one way or another… we don’t always treat each other as God would have us – but through all of that I know that I can overcome challenges. Not always easy to see when one is going through a challenge!!!!! Challenges are rarely solved in a week? But we have so much knowledge and help. I am blessed as a “Mormon” Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Women. I am happy to be a woman in these Latter days. I would like to be a much better person yesterday already …but line upon line… I love the fact that men and women can serve together – Not in the same roles but just as important roles. We are here to uplift each other and enhance each other and can see all around me no matter which state or country I visit – that all our churches run the same and have the same goals. Human kind is not always perfect and horrible things do happen due to bad uncontrolled choices. “I have myself come from a very dysfunctional home and childhood” I know my situation wasn’t the worst or the easiest. I know with the knowledge I have gained over the years and the spiritual strength I have been blessed with – which took time – that I am at peace and know where to to turn.
    I don’t feel blinded and I don’t see any hidden agendas… I see men and women and youth and children who’s lives are changed and who’s lives are at peace through living the gospel to their best abilities – That’s Great!!!!

  30. Dee Still

    I am a proud Mormon Woman. I choose to be Mormon because I can feel Holy Spirit within me. I believe in The Church and the word I read in the Book of Mormon. I have strong morals and values and The Church has the same type of morals and values I have always held so dear to my heart. I grew up and attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints until I was 7 then my mom stopped going. My grandmother has been a member for 32 years and always prayed I would find my way back to The Church. Now, at the age of 24 I have been baptized and live in The Gospel. I love being a member of The Church. I love being Mormon. I love being able to be me and feel comfortable, I no longer feel like the odd one out, I feel like I am back with my long lost family. One of the strongest things I read that made me know this church was right for me was reading The Family: A Proclamation To The World. https://www.lds.org/topics/family-proclamation

  31. Shanny in Australia

    I am a mormon and I am a woman. In my minds eye they are two seperate things, independent of each other. For instance, my testimony is rooted in things like…God lives, He loves me, I am important to Him, He will never leave me nor forsake me, Jesus Christ is His son, Jesus Christ died for me that I may repent, be forgiven, be baptized by immersion like He was and have a hope of eternal life living joyfully with Him and my family. My gender has nothing to do with why I am a mormon.

    However, while being mormon and being a woman may be independent of each other, they are not mutually exclusive. Being a woman in the mormon church is an enobling, strengthening, uplifting experience. Mormon theology teaches that I can recieve all the blessings of eternity the same as my husband can. Mormon theology teaches that I am just as important to the Lord as my husband is. Mormon theology teaches that I have a God-ordained purpose on this earth that only I can fulfill. As a woman in the mormon church I have opportunities to serve, preach, teach and lead. I am regularly encouraged and taught how to become a stronger, happier, more educated and more competent person in every area of my life. My opinions are well considered and my contributions treated with great appreciation. I could go on and on. I am a convert of 20 years and as I consider what the gospel has done for me as a woman, I am filled with not only a sense of strength and purpose but a feeling of great humility and appreciation before the Lord. I like to call Him the …’Giver of Good Gifts’ because that is what He has given to me all the days of my life.

    As a woman in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I have great joy.

  32. Karlie

    Wow, thank you so much to all of you for sharing your testimonies! I am only 19 and have been on and off with the Church, because I am still young and am still trying to find myself and it is hard to know if it is true. I fell in love with an LDS boy who is now on a mission and won’t be back for another year and a half. However, I do not want to do it just because of that–I want to do it because it is the right thing for me. I have always heard stories about how women are inferior to the men in the Church, so it is very uplifting to hear such positive thoughts about being a woman in the Church. Family is very important to me, but I also am planning on going to graduate school to become a physical therapist when I am done with my undergraduate studies and do not want to be completely confined to staying at home. I will give my family my all and am not at all saying anything to offend anyone, I just want to be able to go out and work as well and still have a happy family life. Thank you again for all of your comments and if any of you have any advice I would love to hear it!

  33. Karlie,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of your thoughts. It’s great to want to do the right thing for you, to find for yourself if this is true.

    As I have pondered “women’s issues” in the Church for years, I come back to one fundamental thing — the Atonement. I think sometimes we can measure our worth by organizational charts or job descriptions but I think the doctrine about our worth goes much, much deeper than that. I’d encourage you to go straight to God with your questions about things. Read the Book of Mormon and seek God’s answers and Spirit to know if it’s true. Maybe you can also read Preach My Gospel to kind of share in the experience your boyfriend is having. Chapter 3 is especially good, and has lots of scripture references you could ponder.

    But most of all, talk to God about all your thoughts, fears, questions, doubts, goals, dreams…everything. I think that’s the bottom line is to come to know Him and then you can take everything to Him, both in terms of your faith and in terms of family life decisions that will come down the road. He is there. He loves you. He is listening. He will guide you. And part of life is learning how to connect with Him in a way that you can know and feel and recognize.

  34. beawesomeb

    I am a Mormon because whenever I go against what I know to be right- I feel sick inside. I feel awful. And then when I do what I know to be right I fell good, great, fantastic. Why would I want to feel horrible when I can feel awesome? Being a Mormon helps me to gain a relationship with God that I wouldn’t have otherwise because I can have the Holy Ghost with me always. I have spiritual friends around me that I wouldn’t have otherwise. The more I grow in the gospel the more spiritual friends around me I have. I feel peace. Why go against those feelings for the opposite ones that make me feel ill? When I testify of those things that I know- the things Mormons stand for- it is called a testimony. Through this life I gain knowledge and experiences that show me that those things that strengthen my testimony are those same things that make me feel good inside. Being a Mormon makes me feel great and ANYTHING

  35. beawesomeb

    else doesn’t. (Being a Mormon is a lifestyle not just a religion, it is who we are- not just what we believe.)

  36. Cookie

    My mom was a member when I turned 8 and I was baptized then. When I was 23 or 24 I left the church and lived as a member of the Baptist faith. A few years later, when I was 44 I had been seeking a new faith, but wasn’t having much luck finding what I was looking for. One of the sisters who taught me in Young Women’s back in the 1970’s kept showing up at the weirdest times. Finally, I had what I call my 2×4 moment and I knew Heavenly Father was putting her in my path and her unconditional love brought me back. I chose, once again, to be a Mormon Woman. It felt right, and continues to feel right. I know I wouldn’t change anything, except the years I was not a member, because I know this is where I belong.


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