LDS Women Gather Worldwide for General Relief Society Meeting

Sep 26, 2010 by


Last night we had our annual General Relief Society Meeting. Speakers included the Relief Society General Presidency — Sisters Julie B. Beck, Silvia H. Allred, and Barbara B. Thompson. Our beloved prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, also spoke.

You can read highlights from the broadcast, or watch the entire video of the broadcast.

Very often, Relief Society sisters gather together in their church buildings to watch the broadcast. Some have a dinner before or refreshments after. This is a wonderful time where we feel the blessings and power of this worldwide sisterhood we call the Relief Society. We love to hear the heartfelt messages from our leaders and reflect on what the gospel means in our lives as women.

To those who watched the broadcast or attended the meeting, we invite you share your thoughts or experiences below. Also, if you have photos or an essay you would like to write to share your thoughts or experiences, please submit (with “RS Broadcast” somewhere in the subject line) to us at gmail, username mormonwoman.

We also welcome any questions from those wondering about what Relief Society is all about, or what being a Mormon woman means to us, or other questions you may have about LDS life and belief.


  1. Wendy Williams

    I would love to share our experience with the broadcast. We live in Wisconsin and have a small branch and most of the sisters watch at home. However, we did have a small group come for refreshments and sisterhood at the church and we enjoyed the broadcast very much! I am a member of the Relief Society Presidency in our branch and it was wonderful for me to listen to our Relief Society leaders and realize that they are inspired and aware of us. Our goals that we are beginning to set for next year for our sisters are much the same as what was discussed last night for the upcoming year as well. What a wonderful feeling to know and have a witness that our Heavenly Father knows us and is aware of us and our needs. I especially loved hearing President Monson speak and his comments that showed that the Priesthood leadership knows our sacrifices and struggles as well as our triumphs. It was truly a wonderful broadcast.

  2. Janelle

    My stake did host a dinner after the broadcast at our stake center. I would have loved to have been there. I was able to watch the conference online the very next morning with my husband and daughters standing to listen nearby as well.

    I love our President, Sister Beck. She is a strong woman whose foundation in personal revelation and the scriptures is evident. I can’t wait to learn more about the history of Relief Society.

    Sister Thompson’s talk on Visiting Teaching inspired me to reassess the reasons why I visit my sisters and increased my desire to reach out to the less eager participants on my route.

    I loved the dirty laundry/ dirty windows story from President Monson’s talk.

    How grateful I am to belong to such a wonderful sisterhood!

  3. During the broadcast I was struck by what a wonderful thing it is to have a prophet on the earth today – similar to Moses or Noah of the Old Testament. Our prophet, President Monson, didn’t tell us to prepare for a flood, but he does keep us safe in other ways.

    It is so easy to become confused about how to apply the truths of the scriptures to our modern lives. To me the prophet directs us in how to apply eternal principles of the gospel to modern situations. It is wonderful to have guidance on family matters, getting along with others, the right balance of technology, and other pressing issues of our day.

    Sister Beck, the president of the Relief Society helps President Monson carry out his duties. I love to hear her guidance, even when it can cut me to the quick because I realize there are adjustments to be made in my life.

  4. Our stake had a dinner after the broadcast, too, which was very well-attended. The cultural hall was filled with women enjoying yummy tostadas and talking about the great talks. President Monson’s seemed to be everybody’s favorite this time around.


    We in the Accra – Mc-Carthy hill of zion are greateful for the opportunity to listern to great leaders and hope we will get more of these to govern our lives and that of our family.


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