Forward with Faith: Learning Compassion through Trials

Feb 28, 2011 by

Heidi, the woman spotlighted in the following video, is a friend of mine. Just last night I was thinking about her superb example to me of compassion. Heidi has a son with a congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Despite that hardship, she spends most of her day helping others. She is full of offers to watch others’ children or make unexpected visits to the sick or lonely. Her current calling in her congregation is as the compassionate service leader on the Relief Society board. I cannot think of a better title for Heidi than a leader in compassionate service.

Heidi says: “I think compassion is important in life because life sometimes is not easy to get through. We all have different trials that we’re going through. Some of us are going through health problems, others are going through marital problems, others wish they could be married, and as you understand that we’re all in it together, it makes life a lot easier.”


  1. Great post, Janelle! I have always looked up to Heidi for those exact same reasons. I am always impressed with how much faith she has, and how she is able to juggle three young children and still find the time to do so much for others.

  2. Tara

    Janelle, Thank you for posting this about Heidi! Heidi has personally helped me through a challenging time and offered love and service, just as she does to I think every person she meets. I think she must have at least 30 hours in her day for all that she accomplishes. What a great example!

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