What do Mormons think about aliens and UFOs?

Jun 13, 2011 by

~by Michelle

I was looking over my husband’s shoulder as he and our son were looking at some news headlines a couple of days ago. “You’re reading about UFOs?” I asked, a bit puzzled. (That’s not exactly the usual fare of my boys.) My husband mentioned that the FBI had recently opened up a vault of files (apparently called the “X-files”) about alleged UFO sitings and the like.

It made me think that since questions regarding Mormon belief about aliens quite regularly in our analytics, it was probably a good time to point people to a couple of articles here at Mormon Women addressing this question.

Ask a Mormon Woman: Do Mormons believe in aliens?

Ask a Mormon Woman: Do Mormons…? (part 1) (includes a question about if Latter-day Saints believe in aliens/extraterrestrials)


  1. wonderdog

    My kids Seminary teacher taught that UFOs were the lost 10 tribes. We used to spend dinner correcting doctrine.

    This is why we have correlation and manuals. To keep stupid rumours from being taught as doctrine.

  2. Kerry Le Blanc

    The answer is complicated, do we believe in aliens, of course we do, Heavenly Father created more than just this world, but has the earth ever been visited by them then the answer is no, the reason is very clear, just as we are all different levels spiritually, the same can be said for them some are more advanced,some are less spiritually, we are given as much knowledge as we can handle having contact with people who have more knowledge than we can handle, could put us in a dire situation, so he will never let it happen until we are ready to met his other children.

  3. Kerry, I’m not sure I agree completely with your interpretation, but it does remind me of reading Moses 1 today — a place where God teaches Moses that He His “works are without end” and why it is that He would only show Moses about this world.

    “Wherefore, no man can behold all my works, except he behold all my glory; and no man can behold all my glory, and afterwards remain in the flesh on the earth.”

    I think it’s good to stick to what the scriptures say, especially on topics where speculation can quickly run rampant. 😉 wonderdog’s example is a great example of what I mean.

    I also personally think that we have so much to ponder about in just understanding our God, His Son’s Atonement, and the purpose of our own life. I believe many who seek for aliens or UFOs are simply looking for something or someone beyond themselves. There is no need to look beyond our own existence and life experience and ability to find God through prayer and seeking truth about Him to fill that void most of us feel in some way or another.


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