Ad Campaign in New York City: “I’m a Mormon”

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~by Michelle ad campaign hits the Big Apple

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Last week, the South Park creators’ Book of Mormon musical and the Tony awards got a lot of buzz in the media. This week, news in New York City (at least news related to Mormons) is more about the recently launched “I’m a Mormon” campaign. Times Square billboards, taxi cab tops, and subway ads are giving people a chance to learn a little more about Mormonism.

Of all the “Mormon Moment” media attention I’ve seen as of late, I think this Boston Globe article, Mormons’ Image Campaign, was one of the most well-written pieces. I appreciated Lisa Wangsness‘s objective and respectful approach, and I think she did a nice job capturing some of the purposes of the campaign.

I am sure that I am not alone in saying that we as Latter-day Saints don’t expect all people to want to join our faith (or even expect them all to like our faith) as they learn about it, but we do hope that people can be more informed about our faith before forming opinions about it. And we hope that they’ll give us as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the opportunity to be the primary source for that information.

As one Latter-day Saint friend recently said, “I hope that those who know me will talk to me about my beliefs before they believe all the things they read about them.”

If you don’t know a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints personally, please know that you are welcome to ask us a question by leaving a comment anywhere on the site, or by sending us an email at mormonwoman a’ gmail d’ com. As we say on our Ask a Question page: “Our responses will, of course, not be official LDS Church answers, but we figure that sometimes it can be helpful to hear from a run-of-the-mill Mormon.” You can browse previously-asked questions here.

And, of course, you can always take a virtual stroll through to learn more about Mormon life and beliefs and to see both official responses to and Church members’ thoughts about several frequently asked questions.

p.s. Speaking of awards, the Church received an award for as one of the Interactive Media Awards (IMA) “Top Ten Websites of the Year.”


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  1. Ellina

    I am interested in Mormon church…
    I have been researching on my own and found so much negativity towards it on the Internet. Some of the websites are created by ex-mormons.
    I have many questions.
    One is close to my heart.. position of women in the church. I am a female physician who works hard to support family, at times over 12 hours a day. I am not home often and it is not my choice. I LOVE my job and would never give it up. I also LOVE my family. Are there situations similar to mine? Does church encourage women to be professionals or just stay in home moms? Thank you!

  2. In a recent Q&A the General Relief Society President expressed that this is a personal decision…The question should not be “Should I stay home or not,” but “Am I doing what is right between me and the Lord…am I doing what is best for my family.” (I was paraphrasing that.) Now, I grew up with a Mom who stayed home…and I also choose to stay home with my kids. I believe this is the best and recommended way. I had a career in television before I started having children. It was a very deliberate choice that I have made to stay home. However, I recognize that not everyone follows the same path. I do think there is room for women who work outside of the home in the LDS church. Ultimately, every choice is between you and the Lord. I hope that helps you, Ellina!

  3. Mormon women are just like everyone else. We have hopes and dreams, gifts and talents, and aspirations, just like every other woman that walks the planet.

    Throughout the ages, women, and men alike, have had their futures squelched, for one reason or another. But the Mormon Church does not squelch anyone. We believe in the absolute Law of Agency, where God has given us the right to choose for ourselves.

    Yes, the Church teaches that a woman’s place is in the home. This is the ideal we all must seek after. But, with agency, God gives us His blessing to grow to our very fullest potential. Everyone has a place in His kingdom.

    A few women, who come to mind, that appear to stand out in terms of worldly prestige, are Paula Hawkins-Florida Senator, Jane Clayson-former co-host of the Early Show, Sheri Dew-President of Deseret Book Publishing Co., Gladys Knight-Celebrated Pop Artist, Olene Walker-former Utah Governor, Anne Osborn Poelman-one of our country’s leading neuroradiologists, Martha Hughes Cannon-first female Senator in the United States, Eliza R. Snow-poet, leader of Mormon women.

    What makes these women stand out is not their worldly recognition, but their standard of living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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