FAQs and Facts about Mormons

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently created an infographic and FAQs page to answer questions and share more about what it means to be a Mormon.

The infographic explores how Mormonism is:

A Christ-centered faith – Jesus is central to our beliefs

A devout faithMormons strive to live their religion daily through personal spiritual devotions, church attendance, and more.

A family-centered faith – Mormons believe family is central to God’s plan for His children, and that families can be eternal (that family relationships can last beyond the grave). Family responsibilities have high priority in our lives and in our doctrine

A giving faith — Mormons believe in charitable giving, humanitarian service, and other efforts to help those in need

A global faith – Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints live in countries all over the world (more outside of the U.S. than within). Materials and conferences are translated into dozens of languages.

(See more infographics about Mormonism at LDS Media Talk.)

Mormon infographic -- FAQs and Facts about Mormonism

Also, find answers to some commonly asked questions about Mormonism:



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  1. Wow, this was very informative; thanks for sharing it.

  2. BAB

    First off Thanks for taking the time to read what I will be asking.

    I grew up Catholic and living in Utah, I always went to the LDS church with friends. Well When I was 19 I met a guy and he asked me to take the discussions and I refused 3 times and finally took them and was baptized. The guy that asked me baptized me and he is now actually my husband. It wasn’t planned that way it just happened that way. We were able to get married in the temple after the year mark. We have now been married for almost 9 years and have 3 kids. 7, 6, 2. Our 7 year old has type 1 diabetes and ADHD, our 6 year old is in the process of being diagnosed with Aspbergers and ADD and our 2 year old is just 2!! I have been through alot with my kids. My husbands job also required alot of attention. He was elders quorum president and played sports. His work hours were usually 9:15-7:30 or later. We live 45 min away so some of that is driving time. I have been struggling with ADHD, depression/anxiety and panic attacks. My husband now has told me that I treated him bad for years, I never loved and appreciated him and I was so negative and he had no desire to come home. He finally snapped and ended up having an emotional relationship with a girl I know. Ever since then I have kinds been really cautious of what he does, cause he was never like this before. We have now separated cause he says he is no longer in love with me and he thinks divorce is the best way to go. I don’t agree with divorce and from what I have learned from the church divorce should not be an option, unless, certain things like physical abuse, adultery, stuff like that. I feel like my husband knew my personality before we married and he said he prayed and the Lord told him to marry me, but now he says the lord is saying Divorce is the best option. I feel like I got tricked into this religion. I believed in eternal marriage and the atonement, But I have been given alot of trials and 1 trial my husband has to deal with he gives up. Why would the Lord do that to me. Why would he tell my husband to divorce me when he knows all I have been through. My husband gets pampered by his work all the time, cars, ipads, iPods, computers, superbowls, football games, etc. I ask him if I can buy something and all he tells me is I should be grateful for what I have. Easy to say when he is getting things thrown his way. I don’t know I feel like Yeah the church is perfect people aren’t, I get that but why would Heavenly Father want someone with so many trials keep adding to it and ruining my family. Im started to second guess the church. Please help. It took me a long time to get really spiritual because of my ADHD I didn’t have much focus. So I struggled. I have been on meds and have really gotten into the scriptures but Now I am questioning everything I read. I am very lost. Anyone with and answers would be awesome!!

  3. Tumua Scott

    Hi I’m Sister Scott currently serving a mission at Riverside Mission.First of all I would like to say thank you for been open minded about this. Most people with the same experience would just give up and go somewhere else. But I have to tell you that Life isn’t easy, however through our faith in our Lord we can be able to endure the pains and trials that we go through in this life. Your Father in Heaven is aware of you and He will never let you fail.There are people in the church who can help you.But your best helper is your Heavenly Father. I’m greatful for the testimony that you have of the Gospel. Keep holding on to it and don’t give up.Think of your Saviour and the sufferings she went through, when he bleeded from every pour of his body in the garden of Gethsemane and giving up His life in order for you and me to be healed from our pains and to be forgiven from our sins. All He asked of us to exercise our faitn in His Atonement and we will be able to be healed.Remember the covenants that you have made with God in your Baptism that no matter what life throws in our way we will be will to follow Him and keep his commandment that He has given us.Be strong and be courageous and know that you are never alone. Yes life is hard,very hard but He didnt said its going to be easy however he has promised us its going to be worthid. This is a trial of your faith sister, and God will not give us anything that we cannot bare. He knows you better and He knows that you have such great faith in Him.He loves you and He watching over you.The Gospel of Jesus Christ is our only way back to him. Stick to your covenants that you have made with Him and He will reward you according to your faith.I love and know that you are not alone!!..

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