2012 BYU Women’s Conference Transcripts

Sep 5, 2012 by

If you haven’t had a chance to read through the transcripts of BYU Women’s Conference talks from the 2012 conference, following are the talks that are available. Notice that the talks include a message from the new Relief Society General Presidency.

  • Ann M. Dibb “Live Like His Son”
  • Carri Jenkins “Be Proud of Who You Are and What You Believe”
  • Chad Lewis “Mormon’s Warning: Arming Your Home and Family”
  • Elaine S. Dalton and Emi Edgley “The Power of God in Great Glory!”
  • Jane Clayson Johnson “Be Not Afraid, but Speak”
  • Mary N. Cook “Remember Who You Truly Are”
  • Matthew O. and Lisa Richardson “Armed with Principles That Never Change”
  • Primary Presidency “Embers of Faith in the Hearts of Our Children”
  • Relief Society Presidency “The Vital Role of Women in the Gospel”
  • Ruth Todd “Armed with Righteousness and with the Power of God in Great Glory”
  • Sandra Rogers “Discipleship and Our Ministry”
  • Sharon Eubank “Lay Aside the Things of This World, and Seek for the Things of a Better”


  1. Brenda Sanders

    why can’t we pull up a transcript of a talk? When I click on a name the screen goes to the woman’s conf. of 2016, not 2012.

  2. Brenda, BYU Women’s Conference revamped their website so the links no longer work. You can find transcripts at this link on their new site:


    I hope to get the links updated eventually. Sorry about the inconvenience.

    If you ever feel like sharing some of your favorite talks from #BYUWC, let us know. We love guest posts! 🙂

    ~Michelle, MW Editor

  3. Diane Pace

    I have been trying to bring up a talk by Sharon Eubank , April, 2012 and listed above. I only get a general WC program. Need it. Help!

  4. Diane,
    Please see the comment above your comment with the link that will take you directly to the transcripts page.

  5. Judi Robinson

    I am trying to get a copy of Sharon Eubanks address from the 2012 Womans Conference. Lay aside the things of this world.

  6. You can find all transcripts that are publicly available here: http://womensconference.ce.byu.edu/transcripts

    Fortunately, Sister Eubanks’ talk is available. You can find it here:


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