Mormons believe in education

Oct 13, 2012 by

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland talks about his “most embarrassing day” as an educational building was named after him. Hear thoughts about why education matters to Mormons…as reported on MormonTimesTv.


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  1. LDSDPer

    I watched this and thought how wonderful it all was–

    My spouse and I both worked our way(s) through college; we had no support; we didn’t take out any loans–

    we got our degrees, and we’ve always worked hard.

    Financial reverses and health problems have made it such that we cannot help our children, those who would be able to attend college; we also have children who are too handicapped cognitively to attend college.

    As I watch something like this, I have to remind myself, “this is for the majority; there is a minority who can’t relate to this world”–

    just remember that some of us ‘out here’ can’t have this dream or have questioned the dream and had to find another dream–

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