Standing in Holy Places: My Cup is Full

Mar 1, 2013 by

~by Michelle

I have been pondering how holy places can come in the most unexpected ways and spaces. Last night, for example, I was panicking about the leak that was dripping, again (the leak I thought was dried up and so had moved down on my priorities list). I wondered how I’d missed its drip. I’d even checked the space earlier, but felt prompted to check again.

And then I saw the cup — simply part of my clutter that I “should have” cleaned up a long time ago –<i>right under the drip</i>. To my astonishment, there was only 1/2 inch between the level of the water in the cup and the rim. (It was a big cup.)

Upon further investigation (inspiration?) I think I was able to find the leak’s source. If I’m right, it’s a pretty significant problem. We’ve got some work and expense ahead of us. But I feel strengthened to face what lies ahead because of that sacred space moment.

My cup runneth o’er to know that Heavenly Father knows of the details and the worries of my life.

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  1. You and I read the same post today, I think. 🙂 I love those moments that remind me how much God cares about the details in my life–not because they are important in the grand scheme of things but because they are important to me, and I am important to Him.

  2. I loved your thoughts today on this one! It is amazing when we listen to inspiration how it can help us in so many ways. I had an experience just yesterday that overwhelmed me just knowing my prayers were so quickly answered. I hope the leak is not going to be too much work or expense, Thanks Michelle and blessings to you!

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