Fourteen Years of Faith — Mormon pioneer in Ghana

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Even before he was able to be baptized, Joseph William Billy Johnson was, as he puts it, unable to sit or stand without sharing the gospel with others. He first became acquainted with the message of the restoration through a pamphlet on Joseph Smith. He gathered others around him to share the message of that pamphlet and the Book of Mormon. For fourteen years, he diligently waited on the Lord and promises He had given through a personal vision to Brother Johnson. “If you will take up my work as I will command you, I will bless you and bless your land,” he was told.

Read more of this inspiring story in the “Pioneers in Every Land” section of the Church’s History website.

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  1. I loved this one. I am always interested in articles about West Africa. My Father in law worked with President Hinckley in the missionary department during the early beginning correspondence with individuals from Nigeria and Ghana. He was set apart by Pres. David O. McKay as the First Presiding Elder of Nigeria in the early 1960’s. He traveled back and forth to Nigeria for a few years but couldn’t stay because of visa problems. Later he and his wife served a mission to Nigeria and Ghana in the 80’s. His history is fascinating.

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