2014 BYU Women’s Conference Transcripts Available

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#byuwc 2014 BYU Women's Conference

This is always a favorite post of mine to publish each year. Select transcripts from the 2014 BYU Women’s Conference are available!

[Post has been updated. BYU Women’s Conference had a website upgrade, and I’m happy to say that they also included many more transcripts from 2014. Enjoy!]

Other transcripts or or videos can be found below, provided by the presenters:

Rachelle Rasband Chase: “What is Grace?”

Stephanie Sorensen: “Come unto Christ and be Perfected in Him


Please leave a comment if you know of any others!



  1. I’d like a printed copy of David Clare’s talk given May 3, 2014, about women and the priesthood.

  2. Beverly, you can access any transcript that is available online at http://womensconference.ce.byu.edu/transcripts [link updated to reflect BYUWC website changes]

    David Clare’s talk is one that is available. You can find the PDF here:

    http://womensconference.ce.byu.edu/sites/womensconference.ce.byu.edu/files/david_clare.pdf [link updated]

  3. Jonette Wills

    Trying to get a transcript of Br and Sister Hafens talk at 2014 women s conference on The Redeeming and Strengthening Powers of the Atonement. – just dont seem to have the technical ability to do that. Any chance you could e-mail it to me?
    Thank You so much
    Sister Jonette Wills

  4. Grace

    Why every time I want to reach “ce.byu.edu/cw/womensconference/pdf/archive/2014/hafens.pdf” comes just the 2015 Women Conference screen . I am not looking for the 2015 or 2016, I’m looking for Elder Hafen talk.

  5. That is unfortunate. I will try to give you instructions of how to find their talk. From that main Women’s Conference page, click on “Library” and then click on “Transcripts.” Talks are organized by year. I hope this helps.

  6. Maria

    Hi, How can I see the pdf on Sheri Dew’s talk. The link doesn’t work.

  7. Maria,

    I’ve updated the post to reflect the new links. BYUWC redesigned its website.

    You can find all the transcripts here:


    Sheri Dew’s talk can be found here:

  8. Judi F.

    Dearest Mormon Women, whomever you are. This site is a great blessing that I happened onto. I wonder why I have not heard of it before, but, I will be sharing this site with with my beloved sisters. So good to have such quick access to these amazing talks. Also, I so deeply touched by the responses in the “Why would a woman choose Mormonism? posts. I am so thankful for special women who have the ability to so wonderfully express their thoughts and beliefs. After being a convert for over 40 years they expressed in such wonderful and simple words what I have felt yet been unable to put into words. Thank You seems so little to say, but THANK YOU, for this site.

  9. Helen

    I’d really like to get the slides from David Clare’s power point presentation. I can see his PDF talk here http://womensconference.ce.byu.edu/sites/womensconference.ce.byu.edu/files/david_clare.pdf but the references don’t have the illustrations and diagrams from the power point that you can see when you watch the video of his talk. Any idea how I could get those? Thanks so much.

  10. Helen, you might try contacting BYU Women’s Conference to see if they have access to the slides. We don’t, unfortunately.

    Also, for future reference, although Brother Clare’s slides are not available here, sometimes there are session handouts that are available that can be found here: https://womensconference.ce.byu.edu/sessionhandouts

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