30,000 lightning bolts, hurricanes and a lot of rain on Thursday

30,000 lightning bolts, hurricanes and a lot of rain on Thursday

30,000 lightning strikes and hurricanes were measured on Thursday. Friday starts rainy, but then it will be sunny weather.

Weather Large puddles formed in Zurich-Enge on Thursday evening. – science of ch


basic information at a glance

  • There were storms in Switzerland on Thursday and Friday evening.
  • Rain, hail and gusts of wind up to 129 kilometers per hour have been recorded.
  • However, on Friday the clouds will clear and it will be sunny.

It was announced by the meteorological services, and on Thursday, violent thunderstorms swept through Switzerland. It rained at night, it rained, and most of all there were still heavy thunderbolts. The SRF Meteo warned in the evening that the windows should be closed.

In the late afternoon and evening it rained all over the Canton of Zurich. “Deafening thunder” sounded in Urdorf ZH. At Zurich-Enge, the sewage system was unable to absorb the rain quickly enough. Large puddles formed.

thunderstorm in Zurich Blyskawica in Urdorf ZH announces the first rainfall. – Nau.ch

According to MeteoNews Switzerland, the most rain fell in Kies BE. 20 millimeters of rainfall was measured in just 10 minutes and 30 millimeters in 20 minutes. Ajoie JU recorded 19 millimeters in 10 minutes.

There has been flooding in some places due to heavy rain, but it is unclear if there was any damage. There was a stream in the Canton of Schwyz. The main road between Pfäffikon and Freienbach has been closed.

  Despite the rain, a Swiss assault on Ticino at Pentecost
Burgdorf hail Hail in Burgdorf June 30, 2022 – Nau.ch

Most of the 29,000 flares that took place on Thursday and Friday mornings were also observed in the Canton of Bern. According to MeteoNews Switzerland, there were just over 4,000 by midnight. Zurich with just over 2,000 and Jura with 1,440, which came second and third.

Wind gusts of up to 86 kilometers per hour have been measured on the northern side of the Alps. There was even a hurricane of 129 kilometers per hour raging in Ticino on Mount Cimetta. At 116.7 kilometers per hour, Locarno-Monti recorded the second-strongest gust of storm since the measurements began.

Do you feel like there are more storms in Switzerland?

But it was recorded on Friday. At night, the storms increasingly spread to the southern canton, on the northern side of the Alps it rained only heavily.

Friday will bring better weather again. In the morning it is still often cloudy, sometimes it still rains, thunderstorms are possible in Ticino. In the afternoon, however, the clouds clear up more and more and we will probably start the weekend with the sun.

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