A physicist publishes photos of a sausage, passing it off as a star. Then he apologizes

Etienne Klein, renowned physicist and philosopher of science, and research director of the French Atomic Energy Commission, was forced these days apologize impersonate via Twitter as a photo obtained from telescope from NASA, which was actually a picture of a “piece of sausage”. In fact, last Sunday, a transalpine scientist posted a photo of a red orb on social media, presenting it as a snapshot of the surface of a star criss-crossed by magnetic storms.

In the caption to the offending photo, Klein wrote: “Photo Proxima Centaurithe closest star to the Sun, located 4.2 light years away. “To give more credibility to this picture, the scientist indicated that the last one was taken space telescope cutting-edge James Webb, created through an international collaboration between the US Space Agency (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

A few days after this photo was published, many social media users began to doubt that this red orb is actually Proxima Centauri. Therefore, more and more people are condemning the similarity between the alleged star in the center of the photo and chorizoa type of sausage typical of the Iberian Peninsula, made from beef, pork and seasoned with paprika.

After all, earlier this month Klein had to admit that he had submitted a snapshot of the inside of a Spanish sausage as a photograph of Proxima Centauri. Then the French physicist justified himself by saying that he wanted to “make one tell jokes“up to 89,200 subscribers.

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The decision to wear it tell jokes this was done by an intellectual in order, in his words, to allow himself “a few minutes of fun” and draw the attention of citizens to the importance of exercising critical thinking and not to take at face value everything that authorities and famous people face. pass, any sector or branch of knowledge. However, Klein also wanted to address his own apology to his followers, who found his “scientist’s joke” inappropriate and shocking.


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