Additional devices for night airsoft games

Airsoft has become very popular as an opportunity to train the military without an army. Since Japan after the war was forbidden to create an army and at least somehow develop the country’s defense, they found a way out and developed a game based on military training. That’s how airsoft appeared. In general, it is a staging of various situations, tasks and battles that train dexterity, strength and endurance. Those who play airsoft in this way can develop and learn new types of weapons, keep themselves in shape and get a certain dose of extreme. Of course, as in every game there are rules, so here the actions take place according to a certain scenario and with a certain number of players who must complete tasks to win. Teams compete against each other and have all the means to eliminate the enemy, weapons are also included in these means. Of course, this is a special weapon designed by the manufacturers specifically for airsoft games and cannot injure the participants or cause serious injuries, but bruises and moderate pain from the impact of the bullet are guaranteed to you. It is clear that experienced players constantly want new experiences that can be obtained by changing scenarios, missions and teams, but this does not allow you to get all the possibilities of the game. Therefore, the organizers are looking for new ways to interest the players, and the idea arose to develop games at night, when all senses are heightened, and there is complete darkness around. If you also want to learn more, then we will tell you what is the special feature of night games, why they are so popular and what devices you will need to successfully complete the tasks.

Night airsoft games


Airsoft night games as a separate form of fun and extreme for already experienced players or an opportunity to constantly train and keep fit for security service workers. This is a new level for your passion for airsoft games. The rules are the same, the teams, the scenarios, the missions and the victory that beckons us. However, one very tiny complication is added, which adds interest. This is a certain challenge for those who considered themselves experienced and the best. Of course, these are night airsoft games. When the night is dark around, complete darkness and every centimeter can hide an enemy worth defeating. This entertainment is for true connoisseurs, those who can show off considerable attention and concentration, dexterity and skills. Of course, in order to be able to confront the enemy, you need special equipment. If everything is clear with day games, you need comfortable clothes and shoes, weapons and protection, then in night games you cannot do without night vision devices. It is these devices that give you the ability to see in the dark. Not only that, you can choose the form that is more convenient for you. These can be nvg, which frees your hands for maneuvers, binoculars, which give the impression of complete immersion in the situation, or a monocular, which allows you to change your eye and not strain your vision. Also, there are many additions and additional features for weapons, with the function of seeing in the dark. Yes, they can be scopes with a night vision lens, especially handy for snipers or when you’re on your own. There are many other night vision devices that will improve your abilities and performance and help you perform tasks much better than your opponents. In general, the principle of operation of NVD is to work with infrared radiation and residual light. And depending on the principle of its processing and demonstration, all night vision devices are divided into thermal imagers, which read the temperature of the object, and NVD, which improve vision thanks to light. In order to decide which device you need, let’s figure out how they differ.

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Thermal or NV device? What to choose?

When analyzing and choosing night vision devices, in particular, which would complement your stickball weapons, special attention should be paid to nvg goggles, they will definitely become your useful because they are very convenient to use. It is the night vision goggles that free your hands and are well fixed on the head so that you do not lose them. As for what you need the device itself, there are a few options. NVD or thermal gives you the ability to see in complete darkness, which makes you stand out and make you a cooler player both among the team and in the eyes of the opponent, but based on your needs, you need to very carefully select the devices that will be able to show themselves best in certain conditions.

Night vision devices work with residual light from the moon, stars or other natural light sources. The work system consists in collecting this light with special sensors, multiplying it and then we have a picture hidden in the dark. However, all this would be impossible without infrared light, which helps to see in the dark even if there is no light around, and without a collecting lamp, where the light beam enters and accumulates. Depending on the generation and additions, the devices can work on batteries or on an accumulator, can work only at night, but with some light, or in complete darkness. Also, the sensitivity and brightness of the image depends on the generation, the newer the generation, the clearer the image we can see. Therefore, before buying, special attention should be paid to defining the qualities you need and additional functions. If you have not yet used night vision devices, do not be surprised that the image is not in color, because the technology that will identically transmit the image does not yet exist. Basically, the image on most NVDs is in shades of green, this is so that your eyes do not get tired and the level of illumination does not change too much when you work at night. In general, scientists have been conducting research for quite a long time to determine the color of the image so that it is easy to perceive, can show all the details and white is harmless to the eyes. Some devices have a black-and-white image, as other scientists have remained inclined that it is the most convenient to use. You may see black-and-white images in store cameras or other public places, and they are also used to monitor homes. NVTs are a great addition to your airsoft collection, the only thing to note is that the night vision device only works after dark, using it during the day can damage the lenses and system and it will no longer work. And the second is that if there are any objects or even smoke between you and the object of surveillance, the image may be blurry or absent at all. In this case, a thermal imager is more suitable for you. It also works with an infrared ray, but collects and reads not light, but heat. Each object has its own temperature, and the thermal imager focuses on it. It absorbs and shows us images of the temperature of objects as certain outlines, and we can already follow changes in position, movements or plan tasks. Depending on the types of objects and items you can work with, there are several heat scales. For example, the body of a person or animal is quite warm, so in the image we will see bodies from yellow to red, the hotter the body, the brighter the image, if we are talking about objects that can be heated by the sun or an engine, but do not have their own heat, then the color of the image ranges from purple to blue. Thus, even despite obstacles between you and the object, actions or certain manipulations can be tracked. No objects, smoke or dust will prevent you from recognizing the object. However, due to a slightly blurred picture, you can only see outlines and in this case you will not be able to determine whether a friend or an enemy is nearby, which makes the task much more difficult. Also, they have already found many ways to avoid the sight of the thermal imager and hide from it. Therefore, when choosing this type of night vision device, be prepared to get used to recognizing objects.

Of course, if you need a reliable assistant when working in the dark, you need to have both, but depending on the tasks, choose the ideal device for you. And in order to be sure of their effectiveness, we recommend studying the information in great detail, watching video reviews and, if possible, testing different ones, this will definitely help you decide. Because each device has its own certain advantages and disadvantages, which may be important for you in one or another situation. Therefore, evaluate its strength, image quality, choose a convenient form for you and, of course, the principle of action that will suit you to achieve your goals.