After Ukraine “Return of the Baltic”

After Ukraine “Return of the Baltic”

The former prime minister of Russia warns that Putin may attack the Baltic states. Kasyanov thinks little about territorial taxes in the war in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine If he wins in Ukraine, will Putin send his troops to the Baltic states? – The keystone


basic information at a glance

  • Opposition leader Kasyanov warns of the consequences of the Russian victory in Ukraine.
  • In that case, Putin would be the next to attack the Baltic states.
  • He does not support Russia’s demand for peace in Donbas.

The war has been raging in Ukraine for three and a half months. It is impossible to predict how long the aggressor Russia will continue to try to take over the country. Mikhail Kasyanov grimly forecasts: the Russian opposition and the former prime minister under Vladimir Putin expects that the war in Ukraine will continue for two more years. He said this in an interview with the AFP news agency.

At the end of the war, Russia demands that Kyiv hand over the territories in the east. Some Western countries seem willing to accept Ukraine’s loss of territory. In turn, Kasyanov looks at it critically and asks: “What has Putin done to deserve it?” He hopes the West will not follow this path because it believes it is evil.

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The war in Ukraine Mikhail Kasyanov was Prime Minister of Russia for four years. He has been in exile in Ukraine since the war. – The keystone

The former prime minister warns of the catastrophic consequences of Ukraine losing the war. “If Ukraine collapses, the Baltic states will be next,” Kasyanov fears. However, unlike Ukraine, the Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, are members of NATO. Defense alliance troops are also stationed in the Baltic states, which were increased during the war in Ukraine.

Mikhail Kasyanov was Prime Minister of Russia from 2000 to 2004. As a result of criticism of the sentencing of an opposition member, he was eventually released and became a prominent critic of the Kremlin. According to his own statement, he fled abroad after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. For security reasons, he hides his whereabouts.

Do you think the war in Ukraine will end soon?

At the beginning of the war, Russia had to come to terms with several defeats, the attack on Kyiv was unsuccessful, and the siege had to be stopped. Since then, Putin has concentrated his attacks in the east, where he has achieved some success. A large part of the separatist oblasts of Luhansk and Donetsk was occupied. However, the Ukrainians are fighting in the few remaining cities of the Donbass and a war of destruction is expected.

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