Ahead of the Swiss Wrestling Festival – Wicki, Schurtenberger & Co. insist on winning at home – Sport

Ahead of the Swiss Wrestling Festival – Wicki, Schurtenberger & Co. insist on winning at home – Sport


At the central Swiss wrestling festival in Ennetbürgen, the locals compete in a strong squad. The recovered Joel Wicki is in the center of attention.

The third sub-association festival this season is scheduled for Sunday in Ennetbürgen (NW): At the central Swiss festival of wrestling and mountaineering, Joel Wicki is again the favorite to start the day. The Lucerne native should now fully recover from the cut and return to his home win with full force.

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Open the box. Close the box

You can participate in the Innerschweizer Schwing- und Ęlplerfest (ISAF) on Sunday from 7:30 am live all day Follow the stream you are commenting on in the SRF Sport app. Some of the courses can also be seen on the SRF Zwei.

But other locals are lurking behind the workhorse for victory. For example, Sven Schurtenberger from Lucerne, who should arrive with sufficient confidence thanks to the recent triumph in southwestern Switzerland. Or the two Schwyzers, Christian Schuler and Mike Müllestein. One cannot forget Joel Ambühl, another native of Lucerne who unexpectedly won last year.

Schwinger Joel Wicki kneels over a weaker opponent in sawdust.

Legend: His hand should be all over Joel Wicki again. Freshfocus / Sven Thomann / Blick

Few but strong guys

Matthias Aeschbacher from Bern, Joel Strebel from Aargau, Michael Bless from Appenzell and Benjamin Gapany from Freiburg are also well known among guest wrestlers looking to thwart local heroes. Wicki and co. Must be especially careful with Aeschbacher.

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The best couples in ISAF

Open the box. Close the box

Wicki Joel (LU) – Strebel Joel (AG)
Schuler Christian (SZ) – Aeschbacher Matthias (ET)
Müllestein Mike (SZ) – Gapany Benjamin (FR)
Schurtenberger Sven (LU) – Bless Michael (AP)
Nötzli Reto (SZ) – Burger Matthieu (SL)
Ah Benji (ONSV) – Bucher Christian (ZG)
Bieri Marcel (ZG) – Hermann Oliver (AG)
Imhof Andi (UR) – Lustenberger Marc (LU)
Stöckli Stefan (LU) – Gryzie Lukasa (UR)
Ambühl Joel (LU) – Hersche Martin (AP)

For some residents of central Switzerland, Sunday is not only a festival win, but also a place in the Swiss Confederation in Pratteln. 85 tickets will be awarded in the association, now for many there is another opportunity to impose themselves.

Famous Confederates such as Benji von Ah and Marcel Bieri, who have recently been injured, must now show up. This year, they did not manage to get a wreath.

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