Amazon buys EA: Rumored to announce today

Amazon buys EA according to strange entrance to the corridor which circulates in these minutes, starting from sources that do not even seem to be excluded, with an official announcement that this should take place on the day today, August 26. However, according to internal CNBC network sources, this rumor is not credible and Amazon will not be bidding on Electronic Arts.

It seems to have started with sources close to GLHF, a media, PR and communications company for the gaming industry, with information that was released by USA Today. Obviously there is no way to test this question at the moment, but reportedly source it might be reliable, which is why we report it anyway.

Electronic Arts may be up for sale and there aren’t many acquisition candidates given the company’s size: Apple and Disney have also been among the opportunities previously, but it looks like the choice ended up with Amazon.

Jeff Bezos’s company does have the capital to pull off such an operation relatively quickly, although the scale of the acquisition will certainly require a thorough investigation by the FTC and regulators, as Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard has already done.

Amazon, for its part, has been trying to expand into the gaming space for some time now, building new development teams, launching the Amazon Luna cloud gaming platform, and producing various games that are increasingly hitting the market. after a rather difficult start, like New World and Lost Ark, which will also add a Lord of the Rings MMO in development, but whose health is somewhat doubtful.

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According to “sources” consulted, it seems that the official announcement is scheduled for today, but there is still no exact timeline in this regard, so possible developments may appear soon. The consequences of such an acquisition are not yet foreseen, but since this is Amazon, it is likely that many EA games are destined to remain multiplatformunless sensational events are expected.


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