Amazon close to buying Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts, the publisher of video games such as FIFA and Battlefield, will be targeted by Amazon, which is preparing to acquire it. after having already attracted the interest of giants such as Apple, Disney and Amazon itself in recent years.

Electronic Arts would like to be bought, and perhaps Amazon succeeded

The news comes from the GLHF, according to which Amazon would be able to win over other major groups and would be on the verge of announcing the acquisition of Electronic Arts today. Instead, CNBC sources rejected such indiscretion.

Electronic Arts would have offered itself to the market with more urgency after Microsoft’s high-profile acquisition of Activision Blizzard King (publisher of World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and Candy Crush): an agreement that was worth $68.7 billion in January.

Electronic Arts will seek agreements with Apple, Disney and Amazon to sell or merge

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If Amazon really took a bite out of Electronic Arts, and since we’re talking about the publisher of games like FIFA, Apex Legends, Madden NFL and The Sims, the value of the deal could be on top of the major video game acquisitions made in recent years.

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Amazon is well versed in video games but wants to learn more

Amazon is already working in the video game industry as a developer and publisher through Amazon Games, which boasts New World and Lost Ark among its titles, but is also gearing up to translate video games like Fall Out and God Of War into TV series.

With the acquisition of Electronic Arts this blending of two gigantic entertainment sectors would be even closer and would give Amazon undeniable advantages in the development of both.


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