An investigation should reveal whether Aargau’s schools are too abandoned

An investigation should reveal whether Aargau’s schools are too abandoned

The study must be factual

Didn’t the teachers stay in Aargau too?

Three Kanti students came to the conclusion in their final exams: Aargau secondary schools are too abandoned – and thus lively discussions began. Now an investigation is to be carried out. Nobody really knows what this will bring.

Students do not see Aargau’s secondary schools as politically neutral: this is the conclusion of the three young people from Kanti Baden in their high school diploma. This brought the Aargauer Parliament to the scene, reports the Aargauer Zeitung.

FDP Councilor Adrian Schoop, 36, considers the survey results “terrifying” and “terrifying” – and now wants to investigate them. The canton should have its own representative poll on this subject, it demands in advance. Parliament passed this on to the government council with 75 to 54 votes. School law makes it clear that schools must be politically and religiously neutral, said Education Director Alex Hürzeler (57) during a debate in the Grand Council.

Study – then what?

After Zoff’s about the gender star in the Cantonal Schools, the Aargau school disagreement is now entering the next round. Which third-party company will conduct the representative survey as requested by Schoop is now open. According to SVP politician Alex Hürzeler, the Sotomo opinion research institute is under discussion.

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But what is the purpose of the research? The education department itself does not know about it yet. First, a study design had to be developed. You will essentially do what three high school graduates would do. However, more broadly and by scientific methods.

The Hürzeler department does not yet know exactly what to do with the results. The point is to determine whether there is a need for action, the authority answers vaguely to the question.

The focus should be “where it burns”

SP councilor Carol Demarmels (44) wonders what would have happened if the survey had indeed produced a “significant result”. “The only solution would be to remove political education entirely from the curriculum in all subjects.” And this cannot be in the interests of a democratic country.

It would prefer to use resources where it believes it is most urgent: a massive shortage of teachers in the canton. Such an investigation risks “additional pressure and effort for schools and teachers,” says Demarmels, who herself works as a university lecturer.

“You should not scare the few teachers who remained faithful to their profession and Aargau to such a vote of no confidence,” says the politician. Apart from SP, the Greens see no need to spend money on such a survey.

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People see it differently

However, citizens have a completely different opinion. The SVP believes that an investigation is urgently needed. It has long been known that lower secondary schools are increasingly shifting to the left. But now ordinary people apparently want to know for sure. (lm)

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