An Italian calls the police because espresso is too expensive!

An Italian calls the police because espresso is too expensive!

Italian coffee master Francesco Sanapo charges two euros for an espresso. One client thinks it’s too much and calls the police who agree with him.

Espresso Two euro for an espresso is too much for a customer. – Pixabay


basic information at a glance

  • In Florence, a customer orders an espresso and calls the police.
  • The price was not written on or behind the counter.
  • Therefore, officials fined the cafe 1000 euros.

Decaf espresso is controversial in Italy.

The man goes to the famous cafe “Ditta Artigianale” in Florence, owned by Francesco Sanapo, a multiple coffee master in Italy. He orders a hot drink and, when he sees the bill, calls the police. Reason: an espresso should cost you two euros (2.05 francs).

Usury, finds a guest of the cafe. Because in the Italian city there is almost an unwritten law that you can always get an espresso for one euro.

1000 Euro fine for a cafe?

When the officers arrive, they agree with an angry customer. They reward the restaurant for 1000 euros. What the cafe is disgusting is that the special price is not written on or behind the counter.

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That would be a requirement. As reported by La Natione, only digital menus could be called up using QR codes.

Do you think the punishment is justified?


Sure, the law is the law.


Sure, the law is the law.


No, it’s picky.


No, it’s picky.

The owner of the Sanapo cafe defends the price. As such, decaffeinated coffee comes from a small Mexican plantation. However, he complains less about the punishment than about the client’s motives. Someone who is so angry about the price to call the police does not appreciate the high quality.

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