Attack on the University of Hamm (D) – one person dies in the attack with a knife – the police talk about “amoktat” – News

Attack on the University of Hamm (D) – one person dies in the attack with a knife – the police talk about “amoktat” – News

  • On Friday, three women and one man were injured in a knife attack on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences in Hamm-Lippstadt (D).
  • Now one of the victims, a 30-year-old lecturer, has died. This was reported by the prosecutor’s office in Dortmund.
  • The police speak of “amoktate” – the perpetrator was admitted to a psychiatric clinic.

The alleged perpetrator suffered from fear of persecution and delusions, said prosecutor Henner Kruse in Dortmund. He thought that the attacked were members of the group that tried to kill him. Only two days earlier, the man had attempted suicide and therefore ended up in a psychiatric clinic. He quit there on Friday afternoon.

Students attacked in the foyer and lecture hall

Supposedly, a German suspect stabbed students one by one in the foyer of the university. In a lecture hall where over 100 people were lecturing, the man then attacked a 30-year-old lecturer. He was overpowered by the participants of the event and arrested a little later by the police.

The Deputy Chief of Police in Dortmund, Ralf Ziegler, expressed his respect for the people who defeated the man: It was very brave. It would certainly have prevented many more casualties.

Investigators believe that all four were accidental victims. A murder weapon, two kitchen knives, the man bought shortly before the crime. “He went to a technical college to kill people who tried to kill him,” prosecutor Kruse presented a possible perpetrator’s perspective. There is no evidence of political or religious origin of the crime. Investigation into attempted homicide and dangerous bodily injury. The man confessed to the crime.

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Police cars in front of the university campus.

Legend: The attack took place at the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences (HSHL), a technical university in North Rhine-Westphalia. It was founded in 2009 and named after its two locations in Hamm and Lippstadt. key stone

The perpetrator was not punished, but he was known

The first victim, a 22-year-old, was suddenly attacked by a man in the hall. She had lacerations on one cheek. Then he injured the pupil’s neck. He then stabbed the woman in the stomach several times. After the emergency surgery, her life was no longer in danger. However, the woman is still in intensive care.

In the lecture hall where the lecture was taking place, the man then attacked a 30-year-old lecturer. Prosecutors said she had suffered severe internal injuries. A helicopter took her to the clinic. She died there a day later.

The alleged perpetrator had no criminal record, but was known to the Hamm police. He filed a complaint in early April because he felt harassed, said Hamm Police Chief Thomas Kubera. At that time, he was very open to his mental illness. A so-called risk assessment has also been performed; risk to himself and others was ruled out.

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