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A Mormon Woman Finds Charm In Family History

Family history is a subject that interests people from all walks of life.  Learning about those who came before us tells us much about who we are.  When we record our own history, it can be just as useful and interesting to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as our ancestor’s histories are to us.   Long ago, people wrote letters, recorded events in bibles and journals and kept scrapbooks to keep track of their personal histories.  These days, we have so many more options.  Blogging, the practice of keeping a personal record via an online web log, has become very popular and today’s version of scrap-booking is a way to preserve photographs using archival quality products as well as fun, artistic elements.  I have enjoyed both of these activities, as well as journal writing.  However, there is another way I keep my personal history that I find fun, informative and valuable.  I received my first charm bracelet when I was about twelve years old.  It was a Christmas gift from “Santa Claus” and the gift included a sterling silver charm of Old St. Nick himself.  There was also a ballerina, a charm to represent my avid interest in ballet and the lessons I was taking.  The following summer, my family took a trip to Mexico and I added a charm of a Mexican sombrero to commemorate the fun time we...

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A Mormon Woman reflects on the Blessings of the Temple

  by Heidi~ As a busy wife and mother, I often feel as if I am besieged by dozens of voices calling me to venture off in hundreds of directions.  Then there is the voice on top of all the rest, the one that questions which voice is the one that should be attended to first, or even at all.  It can be confusing, overwhelming and exhausting.  There are times, however, when a person can feel as if she is doing the right thing at the right time and the voices go quiet; when she is taking a shower after a hard work-out (no regrets there), when she is feeding her family a delicious and nutritious meal (I should really attempt that one more often) and, for me, when I am in the temple of the Lord.  When I am in the temple, all the other voices are silenced, including the shrill one that is always questioning my choices and agonizing over the possible negative consequences.  “Maybe I should have put off the grocery shopping until tomorrow and done more to help my son with his homework today,” says the voice.  “It would probably be better to organize the garage this morning when it’s not too hot instead of taking a much-needed nap.”  And on and on it goes.  One of the greatest blessings of the temple, in my...

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How Do Mormons Celebrate Halloween When it Falls on a Sunday?

Do Mormons Celebrate Halloween? Even on Sundays? ~ by Heidi Here at Mormon Women, we receive numerous emails about Halloween in the month of October. What started out as a pagan ritual in the centuries long before the birth of Jesus Christ, has now, in the United States, become mostly a festive holiday that, through the lights, colorful costumes and fun food, brightens up the darkening days of autumn. Whether or not one celebrates Halloween is a personal preference and there is no official LDS doctrine in regards to it. Most Mormons I know think of Halloween as a fun time for children with rituals and customs that bring warmth to days that are becoming colder. Most Mormons will dress up their children for Trick-or-Treating (a custom that includes children going from door to door to ask for candy), celebrations at school, at home, and at the church building. Some costumes are silly and some are spooky. Masks are usually avoided as they are considered dangerous, not just amongst members of the Mormon Church, but in society at large. For example, masks can make it hard to see when out Trick-or-Treating in the dark of night. They also make it hard to know the identity of a person, making it easier for a stranger to attend functions to which he/she was not invited. Also, when people feel as if...

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A Mormon Woman Finds Peace in the Words of the Prophets

As a woman with a family and home to take care of, I often feel overwhelmed.  As a Mormon woman who has the words of the prophets, both ancient and modern day, to guide her through a confusing world, I am uplifted.  This is why I so look forward to General Conference every six months. General Conference is not only an opportunity for my family to “attend” church in our pajamas while listening to the words of the General Authorities of the church from my living room (via the T.V. or computer), it is also a time when these voices fill my home with their spirit, strength, and power.  It is a time when I can count on hearing talk after talk that speak to my soul and at least one or two that will feel as if the speaker is directing his comments to me personally.  I always hear something that helps me with the current trial or challenge I am going through, the answer to a question, a puzzle . . . a prayer. There were many talks that stood out to me in the most recent session of General Conference that was held this past weekend.  However, one in particular, the talk of President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, a counselor in the Presidency of the church, was, to me, a tender mercy. President Uchtdorf’s talk, “Of Things that...

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A Mormon Woman’s Reflections on Gardening . . . and Repentance

I love to garden, not only because I adore flowers, but because the act of gardening teaches me so many things about life. Growing plants is much like raising children but there is more; gardening helps me to slow down and put things into perspective. Recently we had a bit of a crisis in the garden. The spigot I turn on and off to allow water to flow through the hose I use to give my plants life-giving water, broke. It had not been working for quite some time. In fact, it had been leaking quite a lot for years. My husband and I went to the hardware store and purchased a new spigot some years ago. However, when we got it home, we realized that we would need to actually cut a hole in the wall of the house and cut the pipe, the one the spigot was attached to, in order to make the switch from the old, leaky spigot to the new one. Believing that the repair was too hard for our limited skills and not having the money to pay a plumber, we chose to ignore the problem. Soon, the leaking became worse.  When I turned it on, the spigot would spray water in all directions. My way of dealing with this was to fit a bucket up under the spigot, held in place by...

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