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Notable Quotables from the 2013 Women’s Conference at BYU

This year’s Women’s Conference provided me with a wealth of material to ponder and integrate into my life. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the classes I attended. “Lord, who needs me today? Tell me her name.” -Elaine S. Marshall quoting her then Relief Society President – Ann Madsen I have used this sentence prayer in the days since Women’s Conference and by doing so I have invited the spirit of revelation into my life. Names and faces have been provided and opportunities for service made manifest. I was not surprised when the names provided were my own husband and children, but other names have been provided as well. I’m printing this quote out and taping it onto my bathroom mirror, it’s just that good. “How many spiritual experiences have we missed because we ran to tell instead of lingering and waiting on the Lord?” – Paraphrasing Camille Fronk Olson. Eric Huntsman and Camille Fronk Olson co-taught a class on women disciples where they felt that the reason Mary Magdalene was privileged enough to be the first person to see the Lord in His resurrected form is clearly recorded in the gospel of John: she lingered. Since hearing these words I have tried to linger longer when I feel the Holy Spirit’s presence. This Sunday I made a point to find the mothers of children who had born their...

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Ask a Mormon Woman: My Spouse Has Chosen To Leave The Church. Now What?

Chris asks: I am not exactly sure how this all works, but I’ve been on a search for the last couple of days for some answers. I am hoping I may find some here. My husband and I have been married for almost three years and we have a little girl. We both were brought up by lovely, goodly parents. We both served missions and met at BYU. We married in the SLC temple. A few months ago, my husband gradually told me, as he was gradually coming to this conclusion, that he no longer believed in the church and finally no longer believed in God. I am having a really hard time figuring out how I feel. I am upset that I am no longer a part of the cookie cutter plan, meaning, eternal marriage is no longer possible. I fear about how we will raise our children. Anyway, we love each other and we don’t want to divorce. Is there anyone out there who is/has gone through this similar situation and could shine a little light as far as what we can do to make our marriage work and how we can raise our child(ren possibly in the future) without too much disagreement? Any other tips or advice would be grately appreciated. Thanks! Answer: by Brenda (and friends) Dear Chris, I have been very anxious to answer...

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Eyes 4 Zimbabwe

If you are looking for personal or group service project and live within driving distance of the LDS Humanitarian center and or the Land Air Express building in Salt Lake City here is a great way you can help those in need. Please note: the deadline for deliveries is THIS WEDNESDAY, October 10, 2012. “It has been estimated by the ‘World Food Program’ that two million Zimbabweans face starvation. The food crisis comes at a time the ‘Meteorological Services Department’ has predicted drought during Zimbabwe’s traditional farming season from October 2012 to around March 2013, and have advised farmers to plant drought-resistant crops to minimize the impact of poor rainfall as another severe drought looms.” ‘The Independent Newspaper’ September 14, 2012 We will be receiving deliveries for our containers on October 10th (7am-3pm) (We would GREATLY appreciate your help in sorting and preparing the goods for bailing.) TO BE DELIVERED TO: ‘LDS HUMANITARIAN CENTRE’ 1665 BENNETT ROAD SALT LAKE CITY UTAH SORTED CLOTHING IN WELL LABELLED GARBAGE BAGS · NEWBORN – 2 (WE REALLY NEED CLOTHING!!) · GIRL 3-10 · BOY 3-10 · GIRL TEENAGE 11-18 · BOY TEENAGE 11-18 · ADULT FEMALE · ADULT MALE WARM CLOTHING · CHILDRENS – SWEATERS / SWEATSHIRTS / SWEATPANTS · TEENAGE – SWEATERS / SWEATSHIRTS / SWEATPANTS · ADULT – SWEATERS / SWEATSHIRTS / SWEATPANTS · HATS / CAPS (CHILDREN & ADULTS)...

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For moms who wonder if they are enough: A Mother’s Day gift

~by Brenda With Mother’s Day right around the corner for women in many parts of the world, several posts on motherhood have been swirling in my head. I could give tips on what moms really want this Mother’s Day. I could share my personal experiences with all the different mothers in my life and pay tribute to the women who are helping me to raise my children. Neighbors, preschool and piano teachers – I love you. I could write a post memorializing my own good mother. And maybe I will! But today I want to touch on a subject my friend and I talked about last night that indirectly applies to Motherhood: God’s love. My task-driven attempts to earn God’s approval as a mother are failing. I’ve been spinning my wheels checking all the right boxes day in and day out and despite the buzz of good works I’m building up, I have felt a spiritual distance developing. After recounting my day and the struggles I faced to my friend over the phone, she gently reminded me that I don’t need to earn God’s love. I already have it. I let out a sigh and let that sink in. I already have God’s love. And that felt so RIGHT. I have felt it, I know God is there and what He has chosen to share with me of Himself...

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Maintaining Relationships: By Small and Simple Things

~by Brenda I have a friend living with brain cancer. Recently her family threw her a birthday party and invited all who know her to come and express their love for her. She received many letters containing precious memories as well as visitors from near and far. As far as I can tell this is the only benefit cancer can provide: a window of time to tell a person you truly love them. My friend’s daughter has been keeping a blog of her progress to update friends and family of her treatments and her reactions to those treatments. I have appreciated the blog because it gave me specific things to pray for like skillful surgeons, her anti-nausea medicine to work, her blood count to improve etc. My friend’s daughter documented her mother’s greatest desires after returning home from brain surgery. [Shared with permission.] If there is an overall theme to her conversations, it is the intense, nearly overwhelming love that she feels a desperate need to communicate, but that there are no words to accurately convey. But I told her that spirit to spirit we have felt what she’s been trying to say. This has been a very sweet and tender time. We feel so blessed to have been through the shock and trauma and still have another opportunity to hug her and love her. While we were getting...

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