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More Than Enough: A Mother’s Day song

  There was a day that this cross stitch (and another similar one — both possessions of my grandma who passed away in 2000) just caused pain. As much as I ached for all my years as a single adult to be a mom, in truth, I wasn’t naturally suited to motherhood in many ways. And the early years — actually, easily more than a decade — were fraught with paralyzing guilt and fear. At times, I truly believed that my kids “deserved better” (after all, I loved and cared about them so much and knew myself and my...

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Rejoice! #LDSConf links

  It was a wonderful General Conference weekend! If you missed any or all of the conference, or just want to enjoy the messages again, there are multiple ways to do that. See the April 2017 General Conference link for videos of all the talks on the General Conference page. You can also listen to all the music from the General Conference sessions (such as the hymn that inspired the title of this post, “Rejoice the Lord is King!”). You can also listen to/watch the April 2017 General Conference via the following links: LDS General Conference YouTube channel Mormon...

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Mormon Women celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Relief Society

  It’s St. Patrick’s Day (are you wearing green?) but for Mormon women around the world, March 17 is much more than that. It’s the day that the Relief Society, the women’s organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was organized. Today marks the 175th anniversary of the founding of the Relief Society. Here is a message from the worldwide leaders of Mormon women (the general presidency of the Relief Society), encouraging us to remember and study the history and purpose of this worldwide women’s organization. I love the photos in that article as well, capturing...

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