Battalion 1944 goes free-to-play and cuts ties with Square Enix

Bulkhead Developers Announce Major Decision to End Partnership with Square Enix and Transform Multiplayer Shooter Battalion 1944 in Game free gametitled Battalion: Legacy, which will be available for PC on Steam starting from August 16, 2022.

The announcement came via a post from the developers posted on Steam and Twitter, in which, however, the reasons for the decision to close relations with Square Enix.

Bulkhead also confirmed that the battalion will not be released on PlayStation and Xbox and that, for this reason, all players who funded the project on Kickstarter for the console versions will be compensated.

“We have officially ended our relationship with Square Enix. We want to start this exciting new chapter that we originally started with by focusing on players,” Bulkhead said in a post. “With that in mind, we will be releasing Battalion: Legacy for free on Steam.”

“We are deeply disappointed that Battalion 1944 never made it to consoles and will be refunding all funds that supported Kickstarter consoles. Thanks to everyone who supported these releases and we’re sorry it took so long to resolve this issue.”

Steam explains that Battalion: Legacy “is the corrected and final version of Battalion 1944”. The developers claim to have taken “the best and improved aspects to create a smooth and error-free experience, with a working browser server, additional faction (England), new weapons, classic Search and Destroy game mode with all weapons available. , a complete redesign of the user interface and improvements to the visual sector.”

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Do you think you’ll give Battalion: Legacy a try thanks to the free-to-play formula?


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