Berset begins an investigation into the purchase of vaccines

Berset begins an investigation into the purchase of vaccines

It should be clarified whether all vaccine purchases were covered by loans, the Federal Department of the Interior (EDI) announced on Thursday.

In particular, it is not clear whether the parliamentary reservations have been addressed in the Treaties, as indicated further in the Communication.

The Finance Committee has already been informed

Any omissions were discovered during the parliamentary session regarding loans for the purchase of vaccines.

Federal councilor Alain Berset (50) has already informed the finance committee that he has opened an investigation.

Finance Committee dissatisfied

The National Council’s Finance Committee (FK-N) is “all but pleased” with the assumed omission, it wrote in its own statement. This could seriously reduce Parliament’s budgetary power.

Alleged contract problems were spotted as the State Council wanted to cut back on extra credit on Wednesday requested by the Federal Council to purchase vaccines. According to FK-N, it has been shown that the additional credit cannot be reduced arbitrarily, as the relevant stipulations in the contracts with the vaccine suppliers “apparently were not taken into account in some cases”.

Investigation conducted by the former director of Financial Control

As announced, Kurt GrĂ¼ter (84), former director of the Swiss Federal Audit Office, will be responsible for administrative proceedings.

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In addition to omissions, processes are also investigated to prevent them in the future. (SDA)

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