Boudry NE: Swiss police find the kidnapped sons of a Spanish woman

Boudry NE: Swiss police find the kidnapped sons of a Spanish woman

The Spanish police had been looking for the Spanish woman Verónika S. * for over a year – according to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the mother of two was supposed to disregard the orders of the Spanish family court and kidnapped her seven children. year old twin sons.

The trail of Verónika S. led from the city of Pozuelo de Alarcón in the suburbs of Madrid via Tarragona to France, where she allegedly entered illegally. However, the chase ends in Boudry NE, Switzerland. Last Thursday, Swiss police managed to track down the suspect’s house.

There they found two young boys and maternal grandparents locked up in the apartment – Veronica S. * herself was not present. It quickly became clear that the two children did not speak a word of French, never went to school here, and never had contact with their peers. They were placed in a Swiss nursing home. Verónica S.’s mother went to court in Bern two days later. According to the report, her ex-partner also went to Switzerland to look after the children.

The father is said to have sexually abused the children

The Spanish woman has been known not only to the Spanish police since her disappearance. The couple had previously fought for custody due to their divorce. In court, the mother accused the father of sexual abuse of the children. Even the two boys could not talk about what happened because they were autistic – but a proper medical report is missing.

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“As the courts disagreed with her, she took the children with her and reported me repeatedly,” the ex-husband said. Meanwhile, a Spanish social welfare agency said the children were in a neglected state. Several witnesses also said at hearings that a mother “completely neglects” her sons.

In the beginning, Verónica S. was supported by her best friend, according to the report “El Mundo”. But when she found a pack of sedatives for children, the matter was clear to her. It was all a “set game” to keep my ex-husband away from the kids.

Swiss residence is no coincidence

It is no coincidence that a mother of two has settled in Boudry NE, according to Spanish authorities. The proximity of the village to France was probably decisive because it could have fled to another country so quickly. According to media reports, Verónica S. also used other concealment tactics, “typical of organized crime or terrorism”.

In addition, she was probably advised by the organization “Infancia Libre” (“Free Childhood”), the newspaper writes. They would help mothers keep their babies away from their fathers by using procedural tricks. Investigators assume that the organization also advised the Spaniard to escape to a Schengen country but not the EU to try to apply a new procedure for separating the ex-partner from her children. Now the Swiss courts have been asked by the Spanish courts to take action. (chs)

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* Name known

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