Can an android join an iMessage group chat?

Yes, the only way for you to all be on the same message is to do a group MMS/SMS with your texting/messaging app (and everyone should have it enabled too). iMessage is only Apple because Apple.

Can you add Android to iMessage group chat?

However, when creating the group, all users, including the Android user, must be included. “You can’t add or remove people from a group chat if one of the group text users is using a non-Apple device. To add or remove someone you need to start a new group chat.

Can you add non-iphone users to group chat?

Anyone in an iMessage group can add or remove someone from the conversation. You can remove someone from an iMessage group that has at least three other people. You cannot add or remove people from group MMS messages or group SMS messages. … anyone in an iMessage group can add or remove someone from the conversation.

Can Android use iMessage?

Simply put, you cannot officially use iMessage on Android as Apple’s messaging service runs on a special end-to-end encrypted system with its own dedicated servers. And because the messages are encrypted, the messaging network is only available to devices that know how to decrypt the messages.

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Can you call a group chat with iphone and android?

Group messaging is perfect when you want to talk to multiple people at once. If this is a group message that includes at least one person using SMS or MMS instead of iMessage, e.g. B. an Android user, you cannot name the group conversation. …

How do I add someone to an iMessage group on Android?

Don’t think you can add it to an ongoing iMessage group chat. You can create a new group chat with him along with other iPhone/iMessage users, but you cannot add a non-iMessage user to an already created/current iMessage group. Just renew the group. You need to create a new conversation/group chat.

Can you send text messages to non-iPhone users with iMessage?

You can not. iMessage comes from Apple and only works between Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac. If you use the Messages app to send a message to a non-Apple device, it will be sent as an SMS instead. If you can’t text, you can also use a third-party messenger like FB Messenger or WhatsApp.

Is iMessage group chat restricted?

Apple’s iMessage group text app for iPhone and iPad can hold up to 25 people, according to the Apple Tool Box blog, but Verizon customers can only add 20.

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How to add non-iPhone users to iMessage on Mac?

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Add a tick to your phone number and email address. Next, go to Settings > Messages > SMS forwarding and enable the devices you want to forward messages to. Search for a passcode on your activated Mac, iPad, or iPod touch.

What is the equivalent of iMessage on Android?

Google’s Messages app, the default text messaging app on most Android phones, has built-in chat functionality that enables advanced features, many of which are comparable to those found in iMessage.

Can Android users see when they like a text?

All Android users will see that it is “so-and-so-loved”. [entire contents of previous message]which is very annoying. Many Android users wish there was a way to completely block these reports of Apple user actions. There is no such feature in the SMS log that allows you to like the message.

Can I like a text on Android?

You can respond to messages with an emoji like a smiley face to make it more visual and playful. To use this feature, all chat participants must have an Android phone or tablet. To send a reaction, all chat participants must have Rich Communication Services (RCS) enabled. …

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Why won’t my iPhone let me name a group message?

You can only name group iMessages, not group MMS messages. This means that all group members must be iPhone users or signed in to iMessages on an Apple device such as a Mac or iPad. Open your Messages app. Tap the paper and pen icon to create a new message.

How do I create group text on iPhone?

How to create group messages

  • Open the Messages app on your iOS device.
  • Start a new message by tapping the new message icon.
  • In the To: field, enter the names of the contacts (the members of your group). You can tap the plus sign to add contacts.
  • In the Text message field, enter your message.
  • Then tap the arrow icon to send.
  • 12 Oct 2018.

    What is a text group called?

    From the feed, tap the names and icons of the people in the group chat to access the menu.

  • Tap the icons at the top of the group chat. …
  • Tap on the information option. …
  • Enter your group chat name under NAME. …
  • The group chat will receive a notification that you have changed the name.
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