Can you transfer files from iCloud to Android?

You can export files from your iCloud backup and import them to your Samsung phone. … Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable > Load the . vcf on your Android phone > Locate the transferred file and tap Import to transfer it to your phone. The iPhone contacts should now be on your Android phone.

How to transfer data from iCloud to Android?

Install MobileTrans – Copy Data to Android on your Android phone, you can download it from Google Play. Open the app, you can transfer data to your Android phone in two ways. Tap “Import from iCloud”. Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in to your iCloud account.

How to transfer photos from iCloud to Android?

How it works

  • Tap “Import from iCloud”. Launch the app on your Android phone and select “Import from iCloud” from the dashboard.
  • Sign in to the iCloud account. Enter your Apple ID and password. Click “Connect” to access your iCloud backup data.
  • Select the data to import. The app will import all your iCloud backup data.
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    How to transfer files from iPhone to Android?

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone and Android phone to computer via USB cables > Select Android Mover > Click iOS to Android mode. Step 2. Check the categories of files you want to transfer > Click Next button to start transferring files from iPhone to Android.

    How to transfer from iCloud to Samsung?

  • Step 1: Connect your Samsung to the computer. Open AnyDroid > Connect your Samsung to computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi. …
  • Choose iCloud transfer mode. Choose iCloud backup mode on Android > Sign in to your iCloud account. …
  • Choose the right iCloud backup to transfer. …
  • Transfer data from iCloud to Samsung.
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    How to transfer WhatsApp data from iCloud to Android?

    Part 1: Transfer WhatsApp History from iPhone to Android with iCloud

  • Open WhatsApp on your iOS device and click “Settings”.
  • Choose Chat Settings > Chat Backup.
  • Click “Back Up Now” option and WhatsApp will start backing up all your WhatsApp chats to iCloud.
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    Method 1: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android via iCloud

  • Download the MobileTrans app on your Android phone. …
  • Open the MobileTrans app and get started. …
  • Select the transfer method. …
  • Sign in to your Apple ID or iCloud account. …
  • Select the data you want to transfer.
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    How do I transfer photos from iCloud to my Samsung?

    To access iCloud Photos on an Android device, open a browser and go to If prompted, sign in to iCloud, then tap Photos.

    Can I download my photos from iCloud?

    You can download photos from your iCloud library, but the method you use depends on your device and where you download them from. For example, you can use the Photos app,, or Shared Albums.

    How do I transfer my photos from iCloud to my new phone?

    On your iPhone, go to Settings > Photos > iCloud Photos. Make sure iCloud Photos is turned on (green). Now do the same on your iPad (Settings > Photos > iCloud Photos). All photos on both devices will be uploaded to iCloud.

    How to transfer large files from iPhone to Android?

    How to Send Large Files from iPhone to Android/PC

  • Send large files from iPhone with AirDrop. …
  • Send large files with the Send Anywhere app. …
  • Send large files using the PhotoSync application. …
  • Send large files with iCloud. …
  • Send large files via GDrive/DropBox.
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    How to Transfer Everything from iPhone to Samsung?

    The easiest way to transfer your data from your old phone to your new one is using Smart Switch. 1 Open Smart Switch on your new Samsung device, then tap Start, read the Terms of Service, then tap Agree. On newer Samsung devices, you can find Smart Switch under Settings > Cloud & Accounts > Smart Switch.

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    Why can’t I send photos from iPhone to Android?

    Answer: A: To send a photo to an Android device, you need the MMS option. Make sure it’s enabled in Settings > Messages. If this is the case and the photos still aren’t being sent, contact your wireless service provider.

    Use iCloud

    Apple’s iCloud sync service can also come in handy to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android smartphone. To do this, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then select “iCloud” from the account options. Now select Contacts to sync your contacts to iCloud account.

    Can I transfer data from iCloud to Google Drive?

    All you have to do is upload each file from your iCloud Drive to and upload everything again to Google Drive. The tedious part comes from the fact that you have to download every single file from your iCloud drive. There is no way to batch download or transfer anything from your iCloud Drive.

    Method 2 – iCloud

  • Go to on your computer.
  • Select the contacts you want to export. either individually. …
  • Click the gear again and select Export vCard. …
  • Connect your Android phone to computer, copy VCF file to local storage and import contacts from Contacts or Contacts app.
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