Canton is looking for owners of ice cream wagons near Küsnacht

Canton is looking for owners of ice cream wagons near Küsnacht

Ice cream wagons are welcome guests in the summer as they bring a welcome refreshment. However, the vehicle on the border of the commune of Küsnacht ZH currently evokes completely different emotions. A white delivery truck with a red structure for selling ice cream has been standing in the Forch parking lot without a license plate for several days – and it’s warming up.

Zurich Canton Civil Engineering Office is looking for an ice cream shop owner at full capacity. How long the vehicle is there is hard to say, but assumes a few weeks, says Thomas Maag, a spokesman for the civil engineering office. Now time is of the essence. The first stage of this year’s Tour de Suisse will begin at Forch on June 12. Küsnacht has everything ready for the four-day bicycle festival, but the delivery truck is in the middle of the start and finish area.

«Blocked forensics»

Consequently, the Cantonal Construction Department published an advertisement in the local newspaper and in the official edition of Küsnachter. The owner has until June 9 to drive away in his Mercedes Benz 313 Cdi.

The Cantonal Police in Zurich tagged the ice cream truck with orange tape with the words “Surveillance closed.” The car was still in the Forch lot on Tuesday night. “So far no one has reported,” says Maag, who is also responsible for communication for the local Tour de Suisse OK.

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If the car is still there on June 9, it will be removed by the cantonal police “and sent back for recycling / disposal along with the contents,” the announcement reads.

Once published in the official publication, the vehicle is free to dispose of. “Depending on its condition, the ice cream truck ends up in scrap metal or the car dealer, says Maag.

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