Cantonal policemen are said to be spying on prosecutors in Aargau

Cantonal policemen are said to be spying on prosecutors in Aargau

These allegations are difficult: a year ago, the Aargau cantonal police reported two prosecutors. Now it has become known: a police officer allegedly spied on two prosecutors under investigation – and without an investigative warrant or the consent of a higher authority. About it informs “Aargauer Zeitung”.

For example, a cantonal police officer had information passed on to him by his spies, for example a colleague who worked for the prosecution. But that’s not all: he reportedly searched the old newspaper of one prosecutor. He even took a document from the prosecutor’s office as evidence.

The prosecutor forwards the decision to the Aargau Supreme Court

The police officer then notified two prosecutors of the evidence obtained. However, the responsible member of government and the police chief did not feel they had to do anything. The story sounds like a court scandal in a corrupt country. But it happened in Aargau, the canton where the cantonal police first charged prosecutors.

After Roland V. *’s complaint was transferred to the Extraordinary Prosecutor Marco Amstutz of the Canton of Bern, V. was defeated: Amstutz sees no reason to dismiss the charges against leading prosecutors in Aargau Simon Burger (SVP) and Barbara Loppacher (SP) to to continue. In a 27-page decree he dropped the “Aargau Canton Police Criminal Complaint” against prosecutors.

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However, the prosecutor does not allow him to sit and makes his decision before the Aargau Supreme Court Appeal Board.

The interim balance shows a devastating verdict for Kapo

The decision is not final yet, but the canton police and the lieutenant are doing badly. The mid-term evaluation shows a potentially devastating verdict. The Department of Economics and Home Affairs (DVI) is now in trouble and faced with uncomfortable questions.

The criminal complaint, which was also directed to Dieter Egli (SP), head of DVI and Michael Leupold’s police commander, stated, inter alia, that a police officer had appropriated information in the Zofingen-Kulm prosecutor’s office to prosecute Simon Burger.

Apparently, among the informants was a canton police officer who worked as an intern during the snooping.

Informants wondered in waste paper

The criminal complaint stated that investigations other than information gathering “due to bias by the Canton of Aargau police” were disregarded.

As the newspaper continues, this does not correspond to the true facts. It is said that informants searched an old document from the prosecutor’s office in Zofingen-Kulm and forged the document from prosecutor Roland V.

The Public Prosecutor Burger is annoyed by this: “As the advertisement shows, my office was illegally searched during the investigation. I have been spied on and internal e-mails have been forwarded or intercepted. ” Exactly the investigative methods he had hated for years.

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Burger now accuses the cantonal police of investigating on their own and without an official mandate. Superiors also failed. According to Burger, they knew about the investigation but didn’t do anything about it.

Roland V. * denies everything

Referring to the pending proceedings, the PVI does not want to specifically comment on the incident. Roland V. allows himself to be quoted through his solicitor and denies allegations of misappropriation of documents from the prosecution or coercion of others to do so.

Roland V. no longer works for the police. In his complaint lodged a year ago, he accuses the defendant – and in particular Simon Burger – of various official and honorary crimes. Apparently, Burger was systematically looking for mistakes made by the police. Barbara Loppacher is said to have professionally helped the lieutenant harm. All accused are presumed innocent. (dzc)

* Name changed

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