Capcom at TGS 2022: presentation date and lineup announced

Capcom revealed his roster scheduled for Tokyo Game Show 2022which includes various notable titles and possibly a few surprises that won’t be announced ahead of time, so we can expect this to be an incomplete list.

Here are the games that Capcom will be showing at TGS 2022:

  • Street Fighter 6
  • exoprimitive
  • Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn
  • Resident Evil Village
  • Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Capcom’s online program at TGS 2022 or livestream of the company at the show will take place September 15 at 16:00 Italian and will last about 50 minutes. As part of this, Street Fighter 6 will get a new trailer with more clarifications about the world tour and the Battle Hub, Exoprimal will have character and various game content updates, and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will focus on title update 2 scheduled for the end. September.

As previously reported, Resident Evil Village will be in the Gold Edition and will feature various contents of the new edition, as well as the first test of the game on PlayStation VR 2. It is possible that other titles and surprise announcements may appear. then appear, so we are waiting for any clarification on this.


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