Does Discord work on Windows 7?

Well the executable is not compatible with either XP or Vista, according to the Discord site it only works on Windows 7 or newer and I would expect that to change very soon as Windows 7 has lost support from Microsoft .

How do I install Discord on Windows 7?

Here’s how to download Discord on your PC

  • Open your web browser and navigate to …
  • Click the button that corresponds to your PC’s operating system, e.g. B.Windows. …
  • The DiscordSetup.exe file will appear in your Downloads bar. …
  • When the pop-up window appears, click “Run”.
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    Can my PC run Discord?

    Discord Bot controls work on PC systems running Windows 10 and later. …Filter for Discord Bot – Controls graphics card comparison and CPU comparison. We’ll help you find the best deal on the right gear to run the game.

    What are the system requirements for Discord?


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    Minimum system requirements Recommended facility
    memory 2 go 4 GO
    graphic card NVIDIA GeForce 6200 or AMD RADEON 9550 NVIDIA GeForce 6200 or AMD RADEON 9550
    CPU APU Intel Pentium 4 1500MHz or AMD A10 PRO-7800B Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
    operating system Windows 7, 8 or 10 Windows 8 or 10

    Does Discord work on Windows 8?

    Discord on Twitter: “If you’re using Windows 8.1, you’ll need to update your . NET framework (including options).…”

    Why won’t Discord install?

    If you’re still having trouble installing Discord, try to remember if you’ve recently added Windows updates. If this is the case, try removing the latest update package to prevent it from interfering with Discord. …Once you’ve removed the Windows update package, you can try reinstalling Discord.

    Why can’t I install Discord on Windows 10?

    If Discord installation failed for you, it’s usually because the app is still running in the background. It may be necessary to completely remove the tool from your computer before reinstalling it. Deleting all old files associated with the app can fix Discord install error.

    How much RAM does a Discord bot use?

    At least 8GB of RAM.

    How many MB is Discord?

    Discord only allows up to 8MB when sending or downloading files. If you’re going to share a video or upload a presentation, make sure it’s compressed or within limits.

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    How many GB is Discord on PC?

    Improve your team communication with Chanty

    mouse discord
    split screen Yes (on paid plans) Oui
    Color options for the user interface 8 options for a sidebar Light or dark theme
    storage limit 5GB in free plan, 10GB-20GB in paid plan Unlimited
    File Upload Limit 1 go 8MB on Free plan 50MB on Nitro plan

    How much GB is Roblox?

    System requirements for Roblox Studio:

    At least 1 GB of system memory. Internet access.

    Is Discord Safe to Use?

    Is Discord Safe? Using Discord safely is easy with the right privacy settings and monitoring. However, with open chat sites and apps, there is always a risk. The safest way to use Discord is to only accept friend requests and join private servers with people you already know.

    What is the minimum age to use Discord?

    By using or accessing the Discord application (the “Application”) or the website at (the “Site”), collectively referred to as the “Service”, you agree that (i ) that you are 13 years old and of the minimum age for digital consent in your country, (ii) if you are of legal age in your country …

    How do I install Discord on Windows?

    Installer Discord

  • To download Discord, go to
  • Then click Download for Windows.
  • The download will start. …
  • The program will then begin installing and downloading any required updates.
  • The program will then ask you to log in with your Discord account.
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    14 Oct 2020 .

    Can you use Discord on Microsoft Edge?

    We do not support Microsoft Edge or Safari in the web app! Try Chrome, Firefox or Opera!

    Does windows 10 have discord?

    Discord is a chat or direct messaging app for gamers. …Because Discord is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac and other operating systems, you can use it on a variety of devices. This program allows you to create secure invite-only groups that guarantee your privacy.