Does Jordan die when crossing Jordan?

What happened to Jordan at Crossing Jordan?

When NBC decided not to renew Crossing Jordan for its seventh year, fans were dealt with a different ending: Jordan eventually confronts his feelings for Woody and finally confesses his loveand all characters are saved in the final moments of the series.

Who is killed in Crossing Jordan?

When the engines go out, the hatch flies away and the plane begins to dive, Dave it tells everyone to prepare for the inevitable catastrophe. Jordan wakes up, then wakes Woody up. Nigel’s arm is injured and two FBI agents are missing. The pilot is dead, but Dave only survived with a leg contusion.

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Did Jordan eliminate Pollack at Crossing Jordan?

At the beginning of the episode (Don’t Leave Me This Way), JD is murdered. It is made to look Jordan killed him. However, the clues he left for Jordan help her understand what he was working on.

JD Pollack.

John Douglas Pollack
Status Died
Location Boston, Massachusetts
Classification Freelance reporter
Presented by Charles Measure

Does Jordan’s dad die in Crossing Jordan?

He always gave the impression that he knew more than he was talking about. After James Max (apparently) died he gave up the search and begged Jordan to do the same before leaving.

Who killed Jordan’s mother at Crossing Jordan?

It wasn’t in any database. The print was later identified (by Jordan 20 years later) as James. It is unknown who killed Emily, though it is speculated that they did Malden or Jeffers he killed her to keep Malden’s secret about the affair and baby with Emily.

Who is Lily getting married in Crossing Jordan?

In “Mysterious Roads” she resigned and accepted her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, Jeffrey Brandau, Assistant District Attorney for Suffolk County.

Who killed Pollack at Crossing Jordan?

Arborescent arrives and shoots Redding four times in the chest, killing him and saving Jordan’s life, but Woody himself faces disciplinary problems for his involvement in an unconventional investigation.

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What happened in the last episode of Crossing Jordan?

May 16, 2007 Crossing Jordan / last episode date

Who was Lily enceinte in Crossing Jordan?

He asks her to marry him again after she finds out she is enceinte with his daughter Madeleine, but she refuses. In real life, Ethan Sandler is married to Katarzyna Hahnwho was playing Lily, and the child she was enceinte with was in fact their own.

Jeffrey Brandau.

District assistant Attorney Jeffrey Brandau
The last appearance Dead again

How many seasons of Crossing Jordan are there?

6 Crossing Jordan / Number of Seasons The Crossing Jordan series is one of my favorite series and takes viewers who watch it through exciting six seasons the series, from one difficult matter to another, skillfully interweaving the personal lives of the characters of the series.

What happened to Malden at Crossing Jordan?

Their mother Emily was having an affair with another cop – Detective Thomas “Tom” Malden. He was then a young novice. He became the chief of police. James killed Malden (claimed self-defense) in 2003.

Did Jill Hennessy have a baby during Crossing Jordan?

At the end of last season the actress became an enceinte. At a time when the show would normally be shooting episodes for the new season, Hennessy was getting ready to give birth. NBC and the show’s producers went out of their way to make sure the star and the show were covered.

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