Elden Ring: Malenia’s cosplay by Xenon_ne is amazing

Given the global success achieved, it is not surprising that ancient ring became a source of inspiration for cosplayers around the world, but this new Malenia cosplay from Xenon_ne it really stands out for its remarkable level of quality.

Malenia, on the other hand, is one of the most popular characters for cosplayers, given the allure that surrounds the mighty semi-divine boss that can be faced in the Elden Ring endgame, even though it’s an optional fight. charisma della Lama di Michella was, in fact, used by FromSoftware itself as a distinctive element of the game, so much so that it has become something of a symbol.

In this case, Xenon_ne did a really great job of reconstructing the suit, i.e.armor: Although the photo seems very detailed, we can imagine that the base is still represented by a beautiful reworking of the character’s intricate armor.

Malenia is completely covered in medieval-style armor, especially elegant and graceful, although capable of giving the fighter remarkable protection. The model is almost invisible under the elements of armor, but the fiery red hair that distinguishes the heroine and various decorative elements characteristic of her costume clearly show through.

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