Epic Games Store: Officially Announced as Free to Play on August 25, 2022

Epic Games announced free to play on the Epic Games Store which will be available fromAugust 25, 2022. PC players will be able to qualify Ring of Pain.

This is a special dungeon crawler RPG. card oriented roguelikewhere we face various rather bizarre and menacing enemies. The developers report that every step in the circle represents a desperate decision. It’s about choosing: aim for prey or stab some hideous creature in the back? We will have to choose our equipment carefully in order to survive and unlock the secrets of Ring of Pain.

In “Ring of Pain” strategy everything: not only in terms of decisions to be made on the battlefield, everything is focused on the use of battle cards, but also in terms of actions to be performed and areas to be explored from time to time, depending on the situation of the ring.

Dive into randomly generated ring dungeons where unexpected encounters await! Watch and plan your route.

Ring of Pain, image from the game

Ring of Pain, image from the game

Will you aim for prey or backstab some hideous creature? When you seek, fight or run away from new encounters, the ring reacts to your actions. Play at your own pace in this exciting turn-based roguelike.

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Pay attention to every step: you might get ambushed or worse… Keep an eye on the outcome of your choices so you can focus on your decisions. The creatures project their actions onto a hostile environment ready to explode. Will you escape or find a way to turn the dungeon against itself?

Choose your position wisely: your survival is at stake. You can go crazy at once…

We also remind you that a free game from August 18, 2022 became available on the Epic Games Store today.


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