Everything about the status bar in Excel and how to use it

That status bar which stretches horizontally across the bottom of the Excel screen, can be customized to display a range of options, most of which give the user information about the current worksheet, worksheet data, and the on/off status of various user keyboard keys , such as sealing caps, scroll lock etc number lock.

These instructions apply to Excel for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010.

default options

The status bar defaults include the selected worksheet page number and the number of worksheet pages while working layout or Preview before printing. Other standard details are:

  • Perform math and statistical calculations
  • Change the magnification of the worksheet
  • Change the job ticket view
  • cellular mode

Right-click the icon law br to open the Status bar context menu. The menu lists the available options – those with a tick are currently active. Click a menu option to enable or disable it.

calculation options

Standard calculation options include finding average, count, and sum for selected data cells in the current worksheet; these options refer to the Excel functions of the same name.

In a worksheet, when you select two or more cells that contain numeric data, the status bar appears:

  • The average value of the data in the cells
  • The number of cells selected (count)
  • The total value of the data in cells (sum)
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Although not active by default, options to find the maximum and minimum values ​​in a selected range of cells are also available from the status bar.

Zoom and zoom slider

One of the most commonly used options on the status bar is the zoom slider in the lower-right corner, which allows users to change the magnification level of a worksheet. Next to this slider is zoom showing the current zoom level.

If you choose to display zoom but not the option zoom slider You can change the magnification level by clicking zoom to open the dialog box that contains options for adjusting magnification.

Job Ticket View

The safety management system is also active by default. see abbreviations Possibility. Shortcuts are located next to the option Zoom slider and the three default views are as follows normal view, layout view etc Preview page breaks.

cellular mode

Another commonly used option that is also enabled by default is cellular mode which shows the current status of the active cell in the worksheet. The cell’s mode is located on the left side of the status bar and is displayed as a single word indicating the current mode of the selected cell.

These modes include:

  • Ready : Indicates that the table is ready to accept user input such as data entry, formulas, and formatting.
  • Modifier: As the name suggests, indicates that Excel is in edit mode. You can enable edit mode by by double-clicking on a cell with the mouse pointer or by pressing the key F2 on the keyboard.
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If you cannot activate edit mode by double-clicking or pressing F2, you must activate edit mode by going to dossier > options > Progressive. sous editing optionsChoose Allow editing directly in cells.

  • Come in : Occurs when a user enters data into a cell; This state is activated automatically by entering data into a cell or by pressing the button F2 twice in a row on the keyboard.
  • Point: This happens when a formula with a cell reference is entered using the mouse pointer or keyboard arrow keys.