Examples of computer hardware

Examples of computer hardware

Last updated: June 5, 2021 | Author: Clarence Gildersleeve

What are the 5 examples of hardware?

What are the five examples of hardware? example hardware is as follows. Mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, USB, CD drive, RAM, hard drive, joystick, scanner, DVD, CPU, motherboard, etc.

What is hardware and its examples?

The term hardware refers to a mechanical device that makes up a computer. computer hardware consists of interconnected electronic devices that allow us to control the operation, input and output of the computer. examples from hardware are CPU, keyboard, mouse, hard disk etc.

What are the examples of hardware and software?

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computer software

hardware software
Hardware examples are RAM, ROM, printer, monitor, mouse, hard disk and more. examples from software are Google Chrome, MySQL, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad, Photoshop and more.

What are the 10 software examples?

Examples and types of software

software examples Program?
Web browser Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Yes
movie player VLC and Windows Media Player. Yes
operating system Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows. no
Photo / graphics program Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW. Yes

• February 8, 2020

What are the 5 types of software?


  • computer software & it is types.
  • application software (General, word processing, graphics & multimedia software.)
  • system software (Operating system and its functions, language processor, utility software.)
  • Application for special purposes software.

What is operating system software and examples?

It consists of system software, or the basic files your computer needs to start up and function. Every desktop computer, tablet and smartphone contains one operating system which provides basic functions for the device. Shared desktop operating systems belong to Windows, operating system X and Linux.

What is a software sample?

examples the application software

Microsoft suite of products (Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) Internet browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Movable pieces of software like Pandora (for music enjoyment), Skype (for real-time online communication) and Slack (for team collaboration)

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What is an example of system software?

system software is software designed to provide a platform for others software. Examples of system software include operation systems such as macOS, Linux, Android and Microsoft Windows, Computational Science softwareGame engines, industrial automation and software as service applications.

What is operating system software?

A operating system (operating system) is system software manages the computer hardware software Resources and provides general services for computer programs. operating systems are found on many devices that contain a computer, from cell phones and video game consoles to web servers and supercomputers.

What are the 4 main types of operating systems?

Below are the popular ones types of operating systems:

  • stack operating system.
  • Multitasking/Time Sharing operating system.
  • multiprocessing operating system.
  • realtime operating system.
  • Distributed operating system.
  • network operating system.
  • mobile phone, mobile phone operating system.

What are the 4 types of system software?

system software contains:

  • operating systems.
  • device driver.
  • middleware.
  • usefulness software.
  • bowls and windows systems.

What is the difference between operating system and system software?

All operating systems are system software. Every desktop computer, tablet and smartphone contains one operating system which provides basic functions for the device.

Difference between system software and operating system :

system software operating system
system software manage the system. operating system managed system as well as system software.

• January 18, 2021

What is the difference between internal hardware and software?

Internal hardware is the programs and applications that make the computer work; software are the physical parts that help the computer work. Internal hardware are physical parts that help the computer work; software is the programs and applications that make the computer work.

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What kind of data does the computer accept?

The most important types of data that can be entered in a computer and numbers, text, dates, graphics and sound are processed.

What is computer information with example?

examples are: timetable, earnings list, certificates, labeled tables, printed documents, payslips, receipts, reports etc. The information is obtained by assembling items Data in a meaningful form. for examplegrades received by students and their roll numbers Datathe certificate/sheet is the . information.

What are common data examples?

A Example of data is information collected for research work. A Example of data is an email. Facts that can be analyzed or used to generate insights or make decisions; Information.

What are the 4 types of data?

4 types of data: Nominal, Ordinal, Discrete, Continuous.

What is nominal example?

you can code nominally Variables with numbers if you want, but the order is arbitrary and any calculations like calculating a mean, median or standard deviation would be meaningless. examples from nominally Variables include: genotype, blood type, zip code, gender, race, eye color, political party.