Examples of functional walls

Which walls work best as story walls?

The functional wall should be used to emphasize the existing focal point of the room. For example Wall where the fireplace is, and even where the TV is, it provides good feature wall. The Wall behind the headboard in the bedroom is also perfect.

Can you have a light wall?

Whether you Choose light or a dark shade, you can define the area as a reading corner, meditation space, or home office. Choosing a lighter functional wallthe others are darker walls make the rest of the room cozier. if you no to have TV or fireplace, try to create a darker one functional wall and arrange seating nearby.

Are accent walls going out of fashion 2020?

“IN 2020I’m excited to say goodbye accent walls. Accent walls they have been a trend for a while and are starting to fade away. It is no longer the focal point of interiors. One color walls they have a greater impact in combination with colored decor or furnishings. ‘

Should the decorative wall be lighter or darker?

The Wall you choose to highlight should it’s best to be a space that you first catch your eye on when you enter the room. If your walls are already painted in a light shade, try a complementary color with a few shades darker or lighter on functional wall.

What color should a decorative wall be?

It’s much better if you use one whole color for the whole room – even if it’s brave. Decorative walls you don’t have to be brave coloration. If unsure, use the same color like the rest of the room, but a few shades darker or lighter. It will not be too dramatic, but it will still achieve all a functional wall if.

How to choose the color of the wall?

Be brave with color. If your room is already neutral color, to choose strong contrasting shade to give the space instant drama and depth. If your walls are already painted in a light shade, try complementary ones color a few shades darker or lighter on functional wall.

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