Final Fantasy: Series Struggles to Adapt to New Fashion, Producer Says

Final Fantasy is a historical series loved by many fans with years of experience behind them. But the market is evolving and JRPGs are no longer as important as they were many years ago. There saga so he changed, but not with any difficulty. It’s not us talking, it’s the manufacturer final fantasy 16Naoki Yoshida.

Yoshida spoke to Inverse and said, “In terms of Final Fantasy successfully adapting to industry trends, I think the series currently in trouble. We’ve gotten to the point where we get a huge amount of all sorts of requests about the direction of our game design. To be honest, it would be impossible to satisfy all these requests with just one title. My impression right now is that the only thing we can do is make more games and keep making the best we can, every minute.”

Thus, according to Yoshida, solution it is above all the creation of quality games: we can only agree, regardless of the specific genre of each individual chapter.

final fantasy 16

final fantasy 16

Overall, Final Fantasy has long leaned towards a more action-oriented approach in order to adapt to modern fashion. In any case, each game offers its own gameplay, and there are several on the horizon. AAA games will be released as Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion (this Winter 2022/2023), Final Fantasy 16 (Summer 2023), and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (Winter 2023/2024). Each game offers its own interpretation of “action role-playing game”.

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Public interest in Final Fantasy 16 High: We know this is the most anticipated game in the Famitsu rankings, overtaking two Nintendo exclusives.


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