Food control: Listeriosis protection measures in criticized companies

Food control: Listeriosis protection measures in criticized companies

Cantonal chemists found numerous deficiencies in the controls of listeriosis control measures at food producers. As announced, they filed complaints against two-thirds of the audited companies.

A total of 115 companies in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein have been checked, the Swiss Association of Cantonal Chemists announced on Wednesday. 65 percent of the audited companies did not meet the requirements of the food law.

Infrastructure, product hygiene and company

The most common shortcomings were infrastructure, product hygiene and control of the production environment. Cantonal chemists have begun efforts to remedy the shortcomings. In three cases they brought criminal charges.

Inspectors focused on protective measures against the listeriosis pathogen Listeria monocytogenes. This can get into food of animal and plant origin at various stages of production. Most often, this applies to raw and ready-to-eat foods such as dairy products, cold cuts, smoked fish or ready-to-eat salads.

The pathogen can lead to miscarriage in pregnant women and cause severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems. (SDA)

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