Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review: The best smartwatch for the Android world

The best smartwatches for the Android world. This statement can characterize the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro. The South Korean company has completed a project that began last year with the launch of the Galaxy Watch4, which is now finally being sanctified. Functionality, build quality, specifications: There is nothing about this product that does not convince, except for a few shortcomings that can still be corrected.

We are facingthe only real reliable Apple Watch alternative, although it would be an oversimplification to think of this product as an antagonist to the Cupertino company’s smartwatches. In fact, compared to the latest Galaxy Watch5 Pro compatible with any smartphone, including iPhone. Of course the starting price is good 499 euros it won’t make life easier in the marketplace, but in Samsung’s strategy, it’s the concept of the ecosystem that matters.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro, endless possibilities

Watch5 Pro

Let’s start with the countless features of this smart watch. Through its screen, you can check notifications, interact with them (for example, also reply to WhatsApp messages) and manage phone calls independently from your smartphone. This is thanks to the speakers and microphones located on the sides of the dial, which can also be used in particularly noisy environments.

Features that, in the eSIM-equipped version, allow you to safely leave your phone at home, perhaps while jogging. From that perspective, if you’re interested in the virtual calling card option, make sure your phone carrier has one that’s compatible with the Watch5 Pro, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one. but it’s always good to make sure before buying.

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Dozens of sports can be tracked with this watch. It is waterproof to 50 ATM (or about 50 meters) so you can use it to track your performance even in the water. And then jogging, gym, rock climbing and so on and so forth. We found the measurements to be very reliable (we compared them with Garmin), all seasoned with a simple and intuitive interface.

In this sense, Samsung really did a great job with Google Wear OS. Since last year, the South Korean company has ditched TizenOS on its smartwatches in favor of the Big G operating system, modified however with the Seoul giant’s OneUI proprietary GUI. The latter matters, especially in terms of customization, with a number of watch faces that the Apple Watch could be jealous of.

Not forgetting the whole part related to the world of health. Watch5 Pro can control three different sensors with a single processor: heart rate monitor (optical), electrical heart signal, and bioelectrical impedance analysis. A combination that allows you to keep your heart under control, even by conducting an electrocardiogram and measuring blood pressure. However, these last two features require the app to be installed. samsung monitor, currently only available on smartphones and tablets from the South Korean company. The returned data, in comparison with professional devices, seemed consistent to us, although all this can by no means replace the doctor’s opinion. Always remember this.

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Galaxy Watch5 Pro design and display

I will say a little about the constructive part. Samsung has chosen titanium for the case and sapphire glass for the screen protection. Therefore, the best that is on the market, with magnetic strap mechanism which makes it very easy to wear. We disagree with the company’s decision to create a single version with a 45mm dial, which made the dimensions of this product important, making it particularly suitable for men (due to the wrist size issue). The weight is still being held and, overall, you don’t feel tiring wearing it all day.

Beautiful screen. This is a 1.4-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 450 x 450 pixels, which is also characterized by a very high brightness. Therefore, it looks good outdoors and enhances usability. There is only one aspect that did not convince us completely in this show, namely: Always enabled functionalityA: Being able to have an always-on panel is a really great convenience, as it always displays useful information, it’s a pity that the brightness is too low, which makes it difficult to read them on the street. An aspect where Samsung can easily intervene with software updates.

Autonomy does not make you scream about a miracle, but in this case clarification is needed. Galaxy Watch5 Pro guarantees 2 days of use even with heavy use, with about 3% of hourly consumption using GPS to track the route traveled (perhaps during runs). This is excellent data for smart watches, surpassing even competitors with the same functionality. It is these devices (as a category) that are called for a qualitative leap, because recharging the watch every 48 hours is not quite what you need in life.

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Galaxy Watch5 Pro competitor

Watch5 Pro

The new Samsung smartwatch is available from today, Thursday, August 25th. To take home the version with Wi-Fi, you need 499 euros., which is 549 euros for the LTE variant. Important numbers that put it at the top of the market but in line with the established features. As mentioned at the beginning, this is the best smartwatch in the Android world, and if you’re not on a budget, this is definitely a product to look into.

Watch5 Pro can be found at this address.

It goes without saying that its only competitor is the Apple Watch. The presentation of the Series 8 on September 7th already seems obvious within the keynote that will lead to the iPhone 14. Of course, the limit of compatibility of this smartwatch only with Apple products puts the competition with the Watch5 Pro on a higher level. the aircraft is difficult to evaluate. Before us are two small masterpieces, each with its own characteristics.

Apple Watch Series 7 can be found at this link.

However, there is no doubt that Samsung has succeeded in finally filling this gap with the Apple Watch product, which until recently it seemed unattainable in terms of functionality and reliability.

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