Girunos worth 250 million francs

Girunos worth 250 million francs

When traveling on the German high-speed network

Stadler Rail receives 250 million orders from SBB

SBB plans to expand international services to Germany from 2026. High-speed trains are needed for this. Stadler Rail is pleased.

The expansion of Deutsche Bahn and SBB’s offer is approaching. Due to the growing demand for international rail travel to Germany, SBB needs additional rolling stock. Trains must be able to reach speeds of 250 km / h on the German rail network.

SBB found what they were looking for at Stadler Rail in Bussnang TG. Patron Peter Spuhler (63) announced on Wednesday about a multimillion order from SBB: seven Giruno trains for around 250 million francs. These seven vehicles are part of an option law that SBB published in the Giruno tender.

Peter Spuhler: “We are proud”

SBB announced that Eurocity trains will continue to be used for domestic and other international connections. The existing 29 Giruno was ordered in 2014. On May 10, 2021, the 29th Giruno was delivered.

These trains already run between Basel-Zurich, Lugano-Milan and on to Genoa, Bologna and Venice. Peter Spuhler: “We are proud to be able to supply SBB with seven more of our high-speed trains. Giruno is a prime example of Stadler’s innovative strength. »

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